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Thread: How to play Commander Keen 4 on PSP

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    Wink How to play Commander Keen 4 on PSP

    In case you don't know, there is an old game called Commander Keen 4. It runs on Dos and it can be played on PSP. Here are some pics of the game.

    This game is really fun and when I heard there was a PSP homebrew called PSP dosbox, I couldn't wait to try it! So this is how to put it on PSP and map the keys. I know the homebrew PSP dosbox is old, but it is okay and it runs decently. The key mapping took me a while to figure it out, but after a few months of getting the hang of it I finally figured it out! So here is the tutorial.

    1. Go to and under episodes, select Secret Of the Oracle.

    2. Press the button download game. Then press the link under the words Download Now. After the download keep the downloaded file.

    3. Now download dosbox here. Open the file and plug in your PSP.

    4. In the file, go in ms root. Copy the folder dosbox to the root of your PSP. Open the PSP folder of the file. If you don't have the folder GAME150 on your PSP, copy the folder GAME150. If you do, open the GAME150 folder and copy the folder dosbox to your PSP.

    5. Now open the zippered file Keen 4. Copy everything in that file to the folder dosbox in the root of your PSP. Now disconnect your PSP from your computer.

    6. Go to the games memory stick and open up dosbox PSP. Use the analog stick to navigate. Go to the install.exe file in the root. The root probably didn't come up the time you booted the homebrew. Run the file. Just keep pressing start through the installation. After it is installed, go to the home menu. Go in usb mode.

    7. Here is the hardest part, the keymapping. Make a new text doc and put this in it.
    INPUTMAP up up 
    INPUTMAP right right 
    INPUTMAP down down 
    INPUTMAP left left 
    INPUTMAP cross lctrl 
    INPUTMAP square space 
    INPUTMAP circle lalt
    INPUTMAP exec keen4e
    Save it as Keen.bat

    8. Put that file in the KEEN folder that you made in the dosbox folder during the installation.

    9. Go in dosbox, run Keen.bat and enjoy!

    x is jump, o is pogo stick, square is shoot gun, and d-pad to move around.

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    gonna try this with the other ones and will say if it works l8r

    if you get some of the other free ones of their site and change the bat file last line to
    "INPUTMAP exec keen6e''
    for example if you got the keen 6 download from their website
    I have a PSP 1000 (phat) with 5.00 M33-6

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