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Thread: [Tutorial]How To Run 1.50 Homebrews From XMB On PSP Slim And GEN FWs

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    Im not sure if this should go here or in the tutorials section, but I put it here because i saw Chaos' thread, so heres how, and this will boot the game from XMB, not the eloader menu, but remember, THIS DOES USE eLoader!!

    1. Download this file:
    2. Extract to desktop, or wherever.
    3. Rename the folder to whatever game you are going to play
    4. Then download a 1.50 homebrew, and put both folders *HOMEBREW* and *HOMEBREW*% in the folder you renamed
    4b. *OPTIONAL* Download PSP Brew Here and open EBOOT.PBP in the folder where everything is, and change the name to whatever, and/or change pic0.png
    5. Plugin your PSP, and move the folder you just moved your stuff into, into X:/PSP/GAME/ (X Representing your PSP drive letter)
    6. Open loader1000.cfg with a text editor, and find where it sais (GAME LOCATION)
    7. Edit (GAME LOCATION) to the folder where your files are, then put a / then put the name of the folder of the actual game thats in that one, then another / and then EBOOT.PBP, or whatever the name of the .PBP is. It will look something like this: ms0/PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/GAME/EBOOT.PBP
    8. THATS IT! It should be working! So go enjoy your OldSchool Homebrew

    Hope this helped you guys who wanted to play old HBs And if you didnt understand, just PM me and ill help you out Happy Hombrewing

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