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Thread: How to customize homebrew eboots

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    Default How to customize homebrew eboots

    What will you learn in this tutorial?
    You'll learn how to edit what shows up in the XMB when you're about to start a game. This includes the eboot icon (ICON0.PNG), the background image (PIC1.PNG) and then the actual eboot title (which only appears if the background image is gone. You'll learn how to add a short sound clip to the eboot and even create an animated ICON.PMF to replace the ICON0.PNG.

    What will you need to make these modifications?

    • PBP Unpacker v0.94 - Download link - This app allows you to extract files from the eboot and add new files to it.
    • Paint.Net - Download Link - Allows you to edit images. Any other image editing software will work as well
    • Goldwave - Download Link - This program costs US$49 (Lifetime) or US$19 (One Year). You can use the trial version for this tutorial, I believe.
    • The Atrac3 codec - Download link - Mirror
    • The PSP GoldWave AT3 Looping Tool - Download link if you want to make your audio file loop, this is the tool to use.
    • Sound files and/or images to use in the modifications.
    • I'll add the tutorial on how to create a .pmf at a later date since I've never actually made one for myself.

    What to do:

    1. Install PBP Unpacker v0.94 just like any other program.
    2. Install Paint.Net (if you don't already have an image editing program installed).
    3. Install Goldwave (or other audio editing program, I use Goldwave).
    4. Install the Atrac3 codec. If you're using a 64 bit version of Windows you'll need this registry edit also or you won't be able to save using the atrac3 codec.

    Unpacking the EBOOT and adding your stuff
    Double click on PBP Unpacker or double click on an eboot and tell it to open with PBP Unpacker. Extract the eboot files to a safe, empty folder on your computer. Some place you can easily find.

    You should get something that looks like this in the folder you saved it to:

    Replace these files with your files. PARAM.SFO and DATA.PSP can't be changed here. All the other files can be replaced.

    Things to remember: The icon needs to be 144 x 80 and the pic1 (background) needs to be 480x272. you can use a smaller icon if you wish, but if you use a bigger one, it will probably not work. The ICON1.PMF and SND0.AT3 need to be less than 500kb when the sizes are added together.

    Now, to rebuild the EBOOT.PBP start PBP Unpacker again (or it may still be open from before) and click New. You must have at least PARAM.SFO and DATA.PSP. If you want to add the other things, go ahead.

    Edit the EBOOT title
    If you want to edit an eboot title simple start PBP Unpacker, load a PARAM.SFO which you would have extracted from an EBOOT.PBP file beforehand and then right click on the little square you clicked on to load the PARAM file. You'll see an option for SFO editor. Click that. Now you should see the editor. Right click the Title and click edit.

    When you are done editing click the little circle at the bottom right to save it to File. This is useful so you don't end up with an eboot missing all the other stuff (I believe). You just have to reload the PARAM file along with all the other files.

    Custom Music when you hover over the game in the XMB:
    First you'll need to install the Atrac3 codec from the link I posted above. Extract the files to a folder you can easily find them (such as the desktop). Right click on the atrac3.inf file and click install.

    If you have a 64 bit version of Windows you'll need to do a few more things to install the Atrac3 driver. If you are using a 32 bit Windows, you can skip this part.
    1. Extract the .ACM file from the archive
    2. Copy the extracted .acm file into Windows\SysWOW64
    3. Open Notepad and paste in the following:
      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\drivers.desc]
      "atrac3.acm"="Sony ATRAC3 ACM"
      Save this as something.reg
    4. Run this .reg file, adding the info to the registry
    5. This should register the ACM codec.

    Thanks Zingaburger.

    Now that you have the AT3 codec successfully installed it's time to use Goldwave. If you don't have it installed, do so now. Install it just like you would any other program. Open Goldwave.

    There are a lot of things you can use this program for when it comes to editing audio files. Don't let it overwhelm you. The main thing we'll be using it for is to trim an audio file down to size and save it using the Atrac3 codec.

    In my screenshot you'll see a button is circled. This is the trim button. To use it, highlight a section of the audio file you want to keep, click the trim button, and everything that isn't selected gets removed. The best way to learn is by playing with it on your own. The sound file needs to be 55 seconds or less. Anything longer than that and you'll run in to problems.

    Once you have the audio clip the way you want it you'll need to save it.

    You'll need to save as *.wav with ATRAC3 attributes. I use the 66kbps STEREO option because the file has to be smaller than 500kb. If you can use 105 or 132kbps and still have the file size smaller than 500kb then that would be fine.

    The file will be saved as a .wav file. You need to find it and rename it to SND0.AT3, replacing the .wav extension with the AT3 extension. If your computer is hiding the file extensions you'll need to change the setting so you can see them.

    Looping AT3 audio files
    Extract the contents of to a folder you can find easily. Double click the GWAT3.exe file. Then just drag the .at3 file into the window and click start. (Disclaimer: I've never used GWAT3 so I can't verify if it works.)
    Once it's done the AT3 file should loop when it's played in the XMB.

    Animated Icon (with or without sound):

    Coming soon

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    This guide is amazing
    It really did help me
    I loved the pictures

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    I updated this to include how to create .AT3 sound files. 121 views & 0 comments is nothing. My feelings aren't hurt by that

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    Thanks for this... before I had to convert my psx eboots to iso, then use icetea to add the pics, sndo and then convert back to eboot and whatnot, but this just made it alot easier. And I can edit emulator eboots also...

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    Nice tut. Thanks

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    Awesomely done. Good job my friend. You have a +rep
    Note : All my guides are outdated.

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