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Thread: Tutorial on updating LittleBigPlanet to v2.05 [cherrypie]

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    Talking Tutorial on updating LittleBigPlanet to v2.05 [cherrypie]

    PLEASE REP+ and RATE!!!

    Updating LittleBigPlanet to v2.05 so you can go online[for cfw 5.50 gen users] =)

    Finished all levels on LBP want to download costumes and levels?? heres you go!

    Updating LBP [EUR] version for 5.50 gen

    1) Download the following 2 files, and extract them...

    UCUS98744 >

    2) Open UMDGen and goto PSP_GAME>SYSDIR and delete all files within the folder...

    3) On the PC open the downloaded EUR-SYSDIR folder and copy all its contents into PSP_GAME>SYSDIR (which you opened on UMDGEn)

    4) Goto save and select iso or cso (if you want to make the iso/cso smaller check at the end of the instructions)

    5) Connect PSP via USB and copy the downloaded UCUS98744 folder ms0:/PSP>GAME folder. And rename the folder to UCES01264.( the folder UCUS98744)

    6) Copy your saved iso/cso to your psp ms0:ISO folder

    Start the game like normal (dont click on the update file!!!!!) and the game should update... Don't delete the update folder in ms0:/PSP>GAME folder otherwise it won't work.... (BTW backup your save games you might lose it)

    Making your LittleBIgPlanet iso smaller (like 225 mb) in exchange for tutorial videos...

    1) go to UMDGen and launch... open your LBP.iso and goto PSP_GAME>USRDIR> and delete the whole "movies" folder...

    2) there now save and your iso is way smaller!!!

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