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Thread: 6.20 TN-a hen psn and save state trick

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    Talking 6.20 TN-a hen psn and save state trick

    Just thought id post the two tricks ive noticed with the new hen.

    First getting on to PSN: bring up VSH by pressing select. Then change FAKE REGION to debug type 1.
    Then enable SPOOF VERION and lastly RESTART VSH.

    You should be able to get on to PSN for how long this will work i have no idea.

    The next thing is for pspgo only but i like it alot. load up your Hen and start a game then pause state the game with your home button then if your psp ever crashes just load up your save state bamn back in Hen.

    thx for reading if your guys no any more tips or tricks plz post em.

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    this works for me without the spoof version

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