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Thread: [How to] Launch HEN TN-B much faster! (PSP GO only!)

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    Default [How to] Launch HEN TN-B much faster! (PSP GO only!)

    This is pretty simple technique how to launch HEN TN-B "CFW" much faster way!

    1. Start your TN-B CFW the usual way with Patapon 2 demo.

    2. When you're on TN-B launch a random homebrew and when it starts up press the home button and click "PAUSE"

    And you're done! Now even if you shut down your console you can just click the "Resume game" button and you are on your TN-B CFW again! No need for Patapon demo exploit.

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    If you do shut down and click "resume game", once you are in 6.20 TN you will have to launch a homebrew/iso again and "pause", as the paused game data is not preserved once you "resume game" from OFW.

    Takka has released a plugin for the PSPgo, hib_block.prx, which blocks the deletion of the paused game data.

    It still can't protect paused game data resumed in OFW state, but it does block the deletion of paused game data while on TN, so once you resume a game and then exit to the XMB, the paused game data will still be accessible:

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