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Thread: psp-3001 09g noob's guide

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    Default psp-3001 09g noob's guide

    I recently got a psp-3000 because I prefer the screen for old school emulated games, as the blur on my psp-1000 drives me nuts sometimes. Yeah, picky and a waste of money, anyways I had been away from the scene for a while and it took me a bit to figure out how to get stuff on my new psp, and I thought I would summarize my findings for people in a similar situation. If you are unsure of your version there is another thread about identifying psps here:

    For our psp pspident does not work, so use the pspfiler method in that post.

    First off, AS OF 2/3/2011, there is no way to downgrade a psp-3000 09g's firmware. Everything in this post probably works with almost every version of psp, but I haven't tested it, and if you have an earlier psp you probably have better options.

    What you CAN do...

    You CAN use a homebrew enabler (HEN). Like the name implies it allows you to run unsigned apps on your psp... usually for people this means homebrew, emulators, iso loaders. Depending on your firmware you can use different ones, but I chose to upgrade to 6.35 (from 6.30) to use a SIGNED HEN. This means I can just load the HEN and do not have to use a saved game exploit.

    Here is the HEN I used:

    After you get that installed to your GAME folder, browse to it on your psp, run it, wait. Don't be impatient. Ok when the menu comes back go to your system information and you will see 6.35 PRO now instead of 6.35. Congratulations you can now run unsigned apps. Please bear in mind you will be back to OFW the next time you reboot your psp and will have to run the HEN again to play homebrew, it is not a permanent change to your system.

    So emulators for most of the major systems work great with this... see this thread:

    From what I tested myself:

    PICODrive 1.51 works GREAT for genesis
    Masterboy 2.10 works great for SMS/GB
    NesterJ 1.12 works great for NES

    SNES emulators suck dong on my psp-3000 compared to my psp-1000. They are either much slower or much buggier. I believe that is because of kernel access/ME function/blah blah... yeah I don't know what I am talking about. But there is some reason for it, and I have given up on SNES on my psp-3000.

    Also, homebrew enabler does not allow you to run isos directly, however you can use prometheus loader to do so. It's compatibility is pretty good, but some games will not work.

    Here is the version I used:

    If you want to play Playstation 1 games, you are out of luck as far as I know... unless, I believe, if they are signed officially in some way, meaning you didn't build the package yourself... I THINK. Take this paragraph with a grain of salt.

    Anyways, that is my first pass for psp3000 09g, if anyone has corrections please let me know, and if anyone has solutions for PS1, SNES, or just better methods in any area I'd love to hear that as well.

    -ben the noob

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    You can also use the latest ISO tool (1.960 somethingy) to run ISOs.
    It's big advantage over Prometheus Loader is that you can use the ISO tools to make a shortcut of the games and run it directly from the XMB! So all you have to do is run the Hen then run the game!

    -Reg the other noob (hahahah XD)

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    update to 6.35 PRO-A4, it runs psx games (PSN) and automatically loads your ISO's onto your XMB

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