Here is how I have CWCheats installed. I'm going to give you a prearranged zip file. this will give you a seplugins folder with CWCheats prepacked.

1 Take this:

2 Unzip (You need 7zip)

3 place seplugins in the root of the psp (first area. Where you see music, video, psp, and other things.)

4 go to the recovery menu, and make sure it is enabled.

5 go into the game you want and hold select for 3 seconds.

6 enable cheats, press select to save your changes.

7 play game with cheats.

If you already have a seplugins folder just copy everything in seplugins I gave you paste it into the seplugins folder on yours and copy the text in vsh, game, and pops files to the ones in your folder.

Also works on B1 if you're still running that for some reason.