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Thread: [Tutorial] Downgrade your Psp Go/Psp-3000 OFW 6.35/6.31 to OFW 6.20

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    Lightbulb [Tutorial] Downgrade your Psp Go/Psp-3000 OFW 6.35/6.31 to OFW 6.20

    [Tutorial] Downgrade your Psp Go/Psp-3000 OFW 6.35/6.31 to OFW 6.20

    credits goes to Davee for the downgrader and also to his friends who helped him.
    credits to kamenriderpsp for the video on how to downgrade.

    Disclaimer: Updating/Downgrading your firmware may cause a "brick" to your unit; Before you start downgrading your unit, always ask yourself if you really need to downgrade and why. I will not be held responsible for any damage or harm done to your unit by using the software provided and downloaded using this guide. This guide is tested using my psp-go (05g) and may work with psp-3000. follow the steps carefully. --JC

    6.35/6.31 -> 6.20 Downgrader By Davee

    [What does it do?]
    Allows users who are incontent with their firmware to downgrade to 6.20 using the Sony Updater.

    [How do I use it?]
    Copy the "PSP" folder to your PSP. The downgrader is "signed" and can be launched from OFW XMB. You need to copy the 6.20 update to PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP and for PSPgo it must be the eflash it is placed on. After setup run the downgrader and follow the onscreen instructions.

    [What does it technically do?]
    It uses the utility/power exploit to gain kernel access and reboots into the updater with a special PRX running. This PRX uses the pspdecrypt functionality to decrypt the updater PRX when needed. This allows the updater to boot in the newer firmwares.
    You can watch this video to give you better understanding on how the process works. credits to kamenriderpsp for uploading this video.

    1. Download Davee 6.35/6.31 Downgrader To 6.20, copy both "PSP and SRC folders" to your memstick root.
    For Psp Go users: copy both "PSP and SRC folders" to your internal memory directory root (ef0:/).
    2. Select the appropriate 6.20 official firmware to download:
    Download OFW 6.20 for Psp-2000/3000
    Download OFW 6.20 for Psp Go
    3. After you downloaded your OFW 6.20 updater; copy the "UPDATE" folder to your E:/PSP/GAME folder.
    For Psp Go users: copy the "UPDATE" folder to your ef0:/PSP/GAME folder.
    4. Make sure that your psp has at least 90% battery charge. Run Davee's downgrader, press X to proceed and wait until it verifies your OFW 6.20 updater installed in your GAME folder and your psp should takes a few seconds and it will load Sony's 6.20 updater.
    5. Proceed with the 6.20 update and wait until it finishes. your psp will restart after the after the update and may start with a "BLUE warning message" press circle to fix this problem.
    6. Congrats!!! you've successfully downgraded your Psp-3000/Psp Go back to OFW 6.20.

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    You sir, are a legend! My PSP3003 was at 6.31 and is now at 6.20.

    Thanks alot!

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    Confirmed, using this worked without bricking my PSP 3001.

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    hmm so I'm guessing none of you saw the large thread by kamenrider about downgrading then(it covers this and downgrading to 5.03)?

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