Well, I know that last night the PSN was brought back online, but a shitton of PSP users still can not log in, why? Every time your try to log in, are you still getting the "A connection error has occured" error? Well, this tutorial will show you the steps necessary to get BACK onto the PSN.

First things first, click this link:

Once that page loads, on the right side it will say Playstation Network and under that it will have a button to "Log in"

Log into the account that you use on your PSP. Once you log in, it will tell you that you need to reset your password, and that an email has been sent to your PSN email account detailing how you can do it. When you get the email (it may take as long as 24 hours mine took about 5 hours) there will be a link, the link expires in 24 hours, so make sure you check your Email regularly. Click the link in the email you receive, and you will be taken to a site that will allow you to reset your PSN password. Your new password MUST contain at least ONE capital letter, and a combination of numbers and letters. Choose your new password, confirm it, and click Save.

There you go, now you are all set. Next time you log into the PSN on your PSP, make sure you put in your new Password, and it should let you log in to the PSN no problem.

For some stupid reason, this process can NOT be done on the PSP itself (makes a lot of sense right?)

Hope this helps some people, REP UP IF IT DID