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Thread: Possible help for PHAT PSP1001 chickHEN Eggsploi.tiff

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    Default Possible help for PHAT PSP1001 chickHEN Eggsploi.tiff

    Howdy ya'll

    Long time lurker, first time attempting to contribute.

    Anyways, thought I'd put up a guide of how I got my PSP to finally go through with the Eggsploit recognition and freeze up, as how most people would like. I started counting somewhat halfway through and had about 220 restarts before I started deviating, where I found something that worked instantly; however, I did this only once, and cannot try it again to prove.

    And yes, there are tens of other little things you can do that I observed on the forums, and I looked at them all, tried them all, however none of them worked on their own. They may be important to work in conjunction with what I tried, though, so don't knock them.

    1. 1 Turn off your PSP fully while the menu is on the Settings section
    2. 2 When you turn your PSP on, it may start up on the Settings section, it may not, scroll to there. Once there, scroll all the way up, and all the way down, do this twice.
    3. 3 After you do this twice, enter USB mode WITHOUT any usb cord in the PSP. Wait 10 seconds.
    4. 4 As quickly as possible, exit out of USB mode, go to the photo and click your memory stick ONCE.

    Out of so many tries, this was what worked for me. It may have been a coincidence, it may not have been. Please let me know if this helps ya'll :] I know it's kind of nerve-wracking trying it over and over again without any sign of progress.

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    nice of you to take the time and effort to type this, BUT much easier methods to 'hack' your psp are available.

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