Tools and supplies used:
Soldering iron
solder-rosin core
razor blade
cellphone mic (any small microphone will work fine)
30 gauge wire ( doesnt really matter what size.)
old headphones
old circuit board
big @$$ grinder
electrical tape
small microphone
helper hands (optional, helps you solder stuff easily)

this is the new mic i made. it sounds a lot better and its less in the way as the one i show you how to make in the tutorial

first you need to find an old circuit board. mines from an old school project.

find a section of the board that has a line of copper connection under it. cut it out to fit the size of the psp's input , WITH THE COPPER LINE ON THE EDGE.

next, scrape the green coding off until you see the copper. DONT SCRAPE THE COPPER OFF

next, flip the circuit board you cut out, and shave the black coding off where the circuit board is going to connect into the psp. this is so it will fit into the psp when the wire gets soldered onto it.

after that, solder a wire to the copper AWAY from the side you will be plugging into the psp.

next find an old pair of headphones. cut out the input.

it should look something like this. next cut off the tip of the input. if you dont, your psp speaker will not work. your psp will think headphones are in. to cut this tip off i used a grinder.

it should look like this (without the wire)

next solder a wire directly to the headphones in input

after that, solder the headphone jack to the + connection to the microphones + connection. then solder the circuit board wire to the - connection of the mic

now you are done. make sure your circuit board connection is hitting the first top pin on your psp mic input. then plug the headphone jack into the psp headphone jack.

mine looks like this. i plan to make it better with a smaller mic... but it works =D. i put my wires through the look for the string thing you put on psp's