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Thread: hacking my psp 1003 6.0

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    Default hacking my psp 1003 6.0

    hi all like to first introduce myself to this great looking site i have a psp 1003 with firmware 6.0 and am wanting to run homebrew and backups could anyone point me in the right direction im wanting to be on the latest cfw so i dont run into any issues any help would be great cheers

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    What does your post have to do with "PSP Tutorials & Guides"?... Anyway...

    Update to 6.60 official firmware 6.60 OFW download, and then install 6.60 ME 1.8 CFW 6.60 ME 1.8 Updater (for OFW) download.

    Homebrew in ms0/PSP/GAME/<Your Homebrew> folder and game backups (ISO/CSO) in ms0/ISO/<Your Game backup>
    PSP 2000 TA-085v1 32GB PRO-HG Duo™ HX 6.60 ME-1.8 CFW and 6.60 PRO-C f3
    PSP 1000 TA-086 8GB PRO-HG Duo™ HX 6.60 ME-1.8 CFW and 6.60 PRO-C f3
    PS Vita 3g + Wifi 32GB 2.02 ARK eCFW
    PS3 Fat 750GB (60GB) 4.41 Rebug CFW ~ PS3 Fat 500GB (40GB) 3.55 Rebug CFW

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