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Thread: HOW TO FIX: PSP 2000 Problem: Analog Stick Moving on Its Own

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    Default HOW TO FIX: PSP 2000 Problem: Analog Stick Moving on Its Own

    I recently had to do this for a slim 2000 model and noticed that the psp section on that site is gone.
    Credit goes to: KuggeR23 from noeman dot org.

    Here's a useful link to get you going!
    gbatemp DOT net/threads/psp-2000-disassembly-guide.305895/

    This thread is about a PSP 2000 problem... when analog stick moves on its own and when you try to move it, it will not follow you. Before you bring it to a repair shop that will cost you money, why don't you fix it on your own? Wanna know how? Don't worry, you don't need to be a technician to do this, it's VERY simple!!

    Before anything else, WHY DOES THIS PROBLEM OCCUR?
    >When your PSP was once opened up before
    >Loose screws
    >or you're a die-hard gamer that you almost kill the stick
    >the interior is DIRTY

    Now, here are the ways how to fix it (well this is from the easiest way to the hardest way, but the hardest is still easy though)

    So here's the first solution:
    1.) Go to Settings>System Settings>System Information
    2.) While there, move the analog stick in circular motion

    How it works: Moving the analog stick there will run the analog stick calibration, and when doing that, the PSP adjusts the movement range of your analog stick.

    If that didn't work, you can do this:
    1.) Apply force to the faceplate (and more force near the analog)

    How it works: Sometimes, it's just loosed for a bit, just apply some force and it'll be back to normal again.

    If that didn't work as well, time to open up the PSP:
    How to open the PSP:
    1.) Remove the battery, UMD, and memory stick
    2.) Unscrew the following parts:
    -the two screws where you put the battery
    -the two screws near where you put the memory stick
    -the two small screws at the top
    -and the screw at the bottom
    (you need a Phillip000 driver to unscrew it, and you might need some tweezers to pull it out, and be careful not to lose a screw)
    3.) Remove the faceplate
    4.) Look at the analog stick, you can see a screw on its top-left corner, tighten it. Then put it back together.

    How it works: The common reason of the problem is that the screw is loose, tightening it will help.

    Now, if that didn't work as well, do the same procedure (open the PSP) but we'll replace step 4)
    New 4.) Look at the analog stick, and unscrew it (the top left in the analog stick)
    5.) Move the stick's chip and take it out.
    6.) Get an eraser
    7.) Clean the gold part (in the right corner of the stick) by using the eraser to wipe the gold chip (at some case there is a jelly-like thing on top of the gold chip when you remove it, BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOSE IT)
    8.) Wipe the gold chip with a wet cloth.
    9.) Dry the gold chip or wipe it with a dty cloth.
    Optional: Return the jelly-like thing back on the gold chip if you had it.
    10.) Return the analog stick and screw it back.
    11.) Reassemble the case.

    How it works: The gold chip is the one that transmits the actions on what you do with the analog stick, and the jelly-like thing does the same. Having the gold chip dirty will make the performance of the analog stick poor, and sometimes causing it to give false commands, making it to move by itself.

    If that didn't work, you can use a vacuum cleaner and aim it near the analog stick while the PSP's faceplate is removed. This will do a better cleaning, but be sure to tighten the screws and remove the parts that the vacuum cleaner might take away.


    Now that you know how to do it, you can fix it all by yourself now, than bringing it to a repair shop.

    Note: For PSP 1000, you can see the gold chip on the back of the faceplate once you removed it.

    Note: The procedures are tested ONLY on my PSP 2000, if 1000 or 3000 will have the problems, I can't assure if it will work.
    Worked like a charm for me

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    this should work across 1000-3000 models as the only real change is thickness and some guts but to take it apart and put it together is the same this should have gone in the tut section ill move it there
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    Oops my bad I'll know for next time

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