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Thread: what the hell am i doing wrong???

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    first of all thanks for give me a helping hand
    i've got X-Flash Kerrang Build 5 install on my 1.50 psp
    and i have a boot sound, into this bootsound folder there are
    2 filles: -opening_plugin.rco
    -playstation portable bootsound.wav

    i've:- rename it to coldboot.wav and convert it to .vag using MF Audio
    -open the PSP Menu Edit program by Loco ,
    -select the opening_plugin.rco file
    -click "insert new audio" and select the coldboot.vag file i made with mf audio. it will patch the opening_plugin.rco file

    To install the custom bootscreen copy the "coldboot.vag" file you want to be your bootscreen and paste it
    in the"Modified" folder. Overwrite when prompted!
    i did this and, nothing ....

    please help

    in the Custom Firmware, config.txt i have this settings: "# Set to true to skip the Sony intro and stop auto exec of umd.
    skiplogo = true;", but i tryed with "false" and the sony logo apear..

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    if you change it to

    # Set to true to skip the Sony intro and stop auto exec of umd.
    skiplogo = false;

    the bootsound will play, definantely works i just tried it out in custom firmware
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