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Thread: Loading bootsounds problem

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    ok guys i have been using x flash for everything i am modding for my psp, and just so you know i have harleyg's CFW. Ok heres the problem i deleted the current Coldboot.vag file and replace it with the little john or any other boot sound here and rewrite the name as Coldboot.vag (and its a vag file) then when i go into xflash when its loading it says that i dont have a Coldboot.vag file or in the source it must not be set to Coldboot.wav(but i know this isnt the case cause i can replace it with the original vag file and it will work agian)....i hope someone can help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the rules for this section that you didnt read
    -All posts regarding application of bootsounds will be deleted without warning. (In other words, whining how to use a bootsound in a thread will not be tolerated)
    nobody pays attention to those rules. if you need help, post in the "Help" section. it's that simple.

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