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Thread: Mario icon pmf any suggestions?

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    Ok guys heres a super mario animated icon I have made.

    I made this like you would a gameboot as detailed in the walkthrough but I droped the bitrate down to 150 kbps in winmenc.
    Did the VirtualDubMod bit and used gold wave to make the mp3 into a PCM 16 bit wav.
    Then edited the video in umd streem composer, you can select the start and end point of your mps if you go Settings - Encode Range.
    Then I change the Video Enc Settings - Average Bitrate 150 kbps - Max Bitrate 175 kbps and then i changed the Audieo Enc Settings - ATRAC3plus 64kbps.

    Now the problem with these icons is that the audio goes out of sink when you view then on your psp (it plays faster than the video) but if you up the cpu to 333MHz they play perfectly.

    So does anyone here have any ideas how this audio problem could be fixed so you don't have to up the cpu speed?

    And I was looking at the icon for DBZ shin budokai and noticed the the audio track is twice as long as the video do you guys know how we can do this?

    Also I was looking at the composer manual pdf and it shows picture of what looks like a media player built into the composer anyone one know where this is hiding cus i can't find how to activate it.

    Cheers chaps :)

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    Nice one i might use it.

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    Bitrates for audio and video might have to be the same.

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    I think I found the media player.

    You just have to close some of the windows on the left side of the screen or through the view bar.

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