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Thread: Solution for Corrupted Gameboot

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFC9225
    Ok il list it step by step:

    1: Turn on your psp and have pspset already on your memory card.
    2: Go to your memory stick apps and highlight pspset.
    3: Hold down the brightscreen button and the screen should go black. Right when it goes black press x and pspset should be starting. DO NOT LET GO OFF THE BRIGHTSCREEN BUTTON WHEN U PRESS X.
    4: After you have pressed x wait 2-3 seconds and let go of the brightscreen button and quickly press it again to turn on the screen.
    5: Pspset should now be started or will start shortly and fade into the app without going into gameboot. (<-- this depends how long you hold the brightscreen button) and you will be able to restore your default gameboot with it.
    Before you loose all hope and buy an expensive modchip or throw out your PSP, Follow the steps above.

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    Kool pity i never have to try this as i have custom Fw.

    If your wondering where I am and cant seem to find me around I\'m at ps3-hacks

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