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Thread: Requesting for WWE Gameboots!!!

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    hey masters!!!

    could you make some wwe gameboots? here are some suggestions (perfect with their corresponding portions in the titantron video):

    "Are You Ready?... Break it Down!"

    "If You Smeelll... What The Rock... Is Cookin."

    "Time to play the game!"

    "Make Way! There's a hurricane coming through!"


    "My Name is Finlay, and I love to fight!"

    Stone Cold's breaking glass intro

    Titantron videos can be ripped from the Smackdown vs Raw ISO, but they don't have any sound :(

    capnfuffy - sent you an email :D

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    Try this one. I made it for the psp-hacks Custom Gameboot Contest. (It tied for 3rd :) )


    PREVIEW: (Don't worry, I cleaned up the Audio & Video for the gameboot. This video is just my source material so you may not be able to hear the preview too well)

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