I was hoping someone would be able to make a Heroes (the tv show on nbc) gameboot, i have one but i doesnt seem to work on my psp. Also does anybody know of any other heroes gameboots around?

1. If anyone has any ideas on why it doesnt work it would be appreciated: The gameboot just shows as white with no sound on my psp, it show alright in wmp (with pmf codec) though. Im using 3.02 OE-B with the OE customizer. Ive tried using he pmf fixer to no avail

2. Would someone be able to make a gameboot from this trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfdMc7PgwPM , I wouldnt mind the part where it says are you on the list and then the list comes up. Another idea would be just the eclipse logo thing at the start of each episode with the "savev the cheerleader save the world" or something like claire jumpinig off the construction thing, those who watch the show will know what i mean

I know this is a hard request but im sure alot of people would really like this

Thanks heaps