Alright well I finally got C Intro working and got an "ok" one from a gameboot pmf I found here and replaced it. Could someone please make me a CIntro pmf of


1. Nintendo 64 Logo animated
2. Good Image Quality Soccer Goal
3. Windows Vista/XP Loading screen
4. Dragonball Z: Gohan (kid version) goes SSJ 2 in battle against Cell
5. The Mario and Princess Peach 1up gif (yea you know the one) as a pmf


1. Maximum of 10 seconds
2. Must be Small enough to be flashed to the PSP's Flash with CIntro
*note that there's not much space left after 3.02 OE-B*

Sorry that it sounds really strict on what I want, but I'm just trying to make it more detailed.
Besides I'll love you forever if you do:o