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Thread: Haruhi Suzumiya Gameboot! Problem...HElp

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    I have made a Haruhi Suzumiya Gameboot, but its not working on my 3.02 OE-B PSP for some reason....I'm think something is limited frames or something....please assist. Thanks in advance...

    I'm also running gameboots via off my Memory Stick...

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    Is everyone just dling my gameboot and like not helping me or wat?
    Help? Someone........

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    Here, give me a sec and I'll give it a try.

    EDIT: :o Yup, something's wrong all right! Which guide did you use? Post what you did exactly so people can see where you went wrong. Otherwise I would suggest just retrying using one of the informative guides in this section.

    Note to poster below, it isn't size; he must have messed up in conversion because I booted it off of CIntro (which on OE-B can go above that limit) and it won't load at all.

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    im not too sure dude..

    it needs to be under under 196kb for 3.02 OE

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    I've used the guide that is sticked here in the Custom Gameboot Section to do this..... can use gameboots over 196 kb for 3.02 OE if you modified the gameboot path to your memory stick.....
    I'm currently running a Final Fantasy 7 AC gameboot that is like 600 kb.....

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    its there some limits to the video like time.....number of frames or something?

    Here is the guide I used:

    Making your own custom gameboot.pmf files

    What you need:
    The Sony UMD Tools
    Find on yoru own, they are illegal

    The MPS to PMF converter

    The Virtual Dub Mod video converter

    MP3 to WAV converter

    WinMenc video converter

    Step 1, WinMenc
    1: Open up WinMenc
    2: Go to add files
    3: Find the video you want to use
    4: Go to load profile
    5: Select PSP AVI profile
    6: Go to the audio tab
    7: Select no audio on the drop down menu
    8: Go to the video tab, and make sure the FPS is 29.970
    9: Go to the batch tab
    10: Select your output folder
    11: Hit encode
    12: Now go back to the audio tab
    13: Select MP3 from the drop down list
    14: Go to the video tab
    15: Select no video.
    16: Now go to batch and encode this.
    17: You should now have two files. The video and sound separate

    Step 2, WAV converter & Virtual Dub Mod
    1: Open up the WAV converter
    2: Go to add, then change file types to all
    3: Find the MP3 from your video
    4: Select output format as WAV
    5: Hit start
    6: That’s the audio out of the way
    7: Now open up virtual dub mod
    8: Go to file , then open video file
    9: Find the video part of your file
    10: Now go to save as
    11: Make sure its going to save as an AVI
    12: And that’s that. You now have the source files ready

    Step 3, Sony UMD Tools
    1: Open up the UMD Stream composer.exe
    2: Go to new
    3: Name it what you want. Click next
    4: Tick the PSP Movie format (for game) bit.
    5: Change the max clip size to 2mb or less
    6: Hit finish
    7: Go to video source
    8: Find your video file made earlier with Virtual Dub Mod
    9: Go to audio source
    10: Find the WAV you made earlier with the MP3 to WAV converter.
    11: Now go to run at the top
    12: Choose encode + multiplex
    13: Hit start
    14: Well done the .mps has been made

    Step 4, .mps to .pmf Converter
    1: Go to My Documents (well yours)
    2: Go to the UMD Stream composer folder
    3: The .mps file is in here somewhere (I forget where exactly!)
    4: Now rename the .mps file to gameboot.
    5: Put it in the same directory as the .mps to .pmf converter
    6: Run the converter (Click Run Me)
    7: And your gameboot.pmf should be created

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