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    Hi all, i have a 3.40OE-A firmware running, and i have a problem with the recovery menu, whenever i set any wallpaper in my PSP XMB, my recovery menu will be reset, all my configuration will be reset to default, is there any files i have to delete...

    my methods of installation for the OE is done fully by compiling the DXAR for checking and did not use the quick installation package...

    if anyone have any idea please help me out thanks...


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    for the record, this should have been posted in help. i dont care, but the mods might get pissed.

    anyway. update to OE (whatever the newest one is.) I personally recommend the wildc*rd 3.40 CFW. also, i had the same issue with a friends psp. except backwards. whenever I installed any CFW, all the opposites of the default settings in the recovery menu would be decidely not default. try to update. also, dont use the 1-12.bmp background change method. just apply the wallpaper through the XMB.

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