The first one is Sloth from the Goonies saying: hey you guys!

This second one is Dr. Gonzo(Johnny Dep) in Fear n Loathing saying:We cant stop here, this is bat country!

Her are some more I made in a pack of 8. They are all different then the ones above.
Heres the list:
1-2pac califonia love opening
2-cartman sayin"screw you guy im goin home poop is where i draw the line"
3-Quagmire sayin"whats all the noise boys i was just jerkin ed out of a sound sleep"
4-timmy saying"timmy" with music
5-timmy sayin"timmy" without music
6-towlie sayin" im so high right now i have no idea whats goin on"
7-terrance and phillip from unclefucker song
8-terrance and phillip "youd fuck yur uncle, no youd fuck ur uncle"

So thats it heres the file:


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