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    well.. hi.. i'm running fw 3.71m33-3 here.. i having some trouble looking out for gameboot, opening_plugin in flash0. i found e whole folder in flash0 not even gameboot and opening_plugin were inside. can someone guide me pls?

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    Ok so you really are a noob not being nasty but you need to know the basics before you mess around with the basics of the psp itself, first things first if you mess around with the flash make a backup of the entire floder so if it does go tits up you can restore it with usb in recovery. Now the flash folder is in the recovery menu toggle usb and flash 0 you then want to look in vsh for the resource folder in that you will find the gameboot and all the other RCO's you need to customise the visual side if the psp not including the font but that is another story.. hope this helps

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