OK guys, I tried over and over to create some ICON1.PMF files of retro console commercials with the help of all the tools needed. But I can't get it right. I read of course several guides in detail a few times, but I am clueless. In the beginning when I started my attempt I at least ended up with PMF files, but they were always about 4 or 5 MB. I know that the limit is 500 KB. And during the last few attempts I don't even get to the end, because when I try to create the MPS file the programm crashes with some kind of error report (failing to read/write to memory).

But I really want those PMF files. So, I uploaded the AVI files to http://www.megaupload.com/nl/?d=V59VV0DY. I kindly ask if someone could convert these to proper working ICON1.PMF files and post them here or so.

Oh, the avi files were converted from flv files, with framerate 29,97, size 144*80, Xvidcodec rate 250.