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Thread: Gameboot Text Requests

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    OK, thanks to highboy, i think im kinda half-way decent at modifying these here opening_plugin.rco's. :o
    so if you want one, just post here, and ill do it for you. just tell me:
    Quote Originally Posted by momma
    -what you want it to say
    -what font/kind of font you want (and where i can download it if it is not basic)
    -what color
    -and upload your opening_plugin rco file from ms0:/vsh/resource to if you can,
    if not, ill just use the 3.90 version (i dont know if it will cause problems though)
    ill change it for you if it isnt perfect, so if you dont like it 100%, feel free to come back and bitch at me til get it right :o

    the two websites i can think of right off the bat for fonts are and also, thanks to chickentikka, betterfonts.comand, so if you see any neat ones on there you like, tell me and ill use it.

    um, thats it i think, so uh, POST YOUR REQUEST :posessed:
    heres my first one ever (mine):

    and my first icon recolor:

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    if you want font sites i use and all free and very good.. and yes highboy is very good at what he does , he is also the reason i can now do the opening_plugin editing. Thanks highboy by the way, and this would make a great thread all you need to do is make some and post the pics in here, that would be great so we all can see the work.
    keep it up.

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