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Thread: i have some cintro problems

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    Default i have some cintro problems

    hey everyone, i recently got an awesome one minute long cintro, and i know the problem isnt with the cintro itself, because i have the pmf player and it plays on my psp fine. the problem is when i try to make it my cintro, it just doesnt work. either the setting for l trigger doesnt work or when it actually does work, the screen just stays black and doesnt go to the psp main menu. ive tried autostarts v3,v4,v5 and still none of them work. i dont know what to do, i am using psp cfw 4.01m33-2 and i have no idea whats wrong, if you guys can help i would be forever indebted to you and i will answer any q's with as best knowledge as i have

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    your best bet is the delete the Config.ROE file in the seplugins folder & start over.

    then use my guide

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