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Thread: [request] cold boot for the skilled only!

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    Talking [request] cold boot for the skilled only!

    hey guys i wanted to know if someone could possibly make a coldboot of this video from about 00:00 to about like 00:15, now if you guys can make a cool kind of like orangeish color text appear around 00:4 and say" Welcome Mojo" and then fade out at about 00:13. and if you guys can this sound for the cold boot i would really be indebted to you
    video-00:00to00:15 with txt of "welcome Mojo" to fade in at about 00:04 and fade out about 00:13.
    if you guys can mute the audio in that clip that would be sweet too!

    as for bootsound i wish for this sound from exactly 00:29 to exatclly 00:32

    my cfw is 4.01m33-2 i hope you guys can do this for me,please if you do you will be a god in my eyes!!!!
    thanks sooooo much in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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