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Thread: Please , how to change startup boot sound ?

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    Default Please , how to change startup boot sound ?

    i use psp 1000
    CFW 5.00-M33-6
    I want to change psp startup boot sound into ps3 one
    help plz

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    You gotta go to your Recovery Mode > Advanced > Toggle USB Flash0. The with your USB cord plugged in, go to the folder named vsh > resource > then find the opening_plugin.rco, this is the sound/video boot up, when you find one you like (search Google for custom opening_plugin.rco) replace this item with the file you found. You need to make sure the opening_plugin.rco is COMPATIBLE with your PSP's CFW. (5.00 rco for 5.00 M33)

    Messing with your flash0 is risky and could cause a brick, so I only recommend you do it if you have a Pandora Battery and a MMS premade.
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