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Thread: wave question

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    Cool wave question

    Didn't know if I needed to add to the old thread or make this new one.

    But I have a question,and thanks to "nothingface420" I have been making my own waves now, but they're flat in color with no texture or shine unlike like the chrome wave or any other from the 176waves. Basically my question is does anyone know some tricks to get that effect, I would like to make some nice waves to share.thx

    Oh and one more question,how in the hell do you compile ctf after its been extracted, I just cant figure that out.I have ctf extractor and don't see the option.

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    really it's just trying different images, open up one of those waves your talking about in Wave Injector & see what it looks like.

    heres a guide on how to make waves
    only difference is instead of using TGA Wave to convert the tga file to system_plugin_bg use highboy's Wave Injector.
    get it here

    to compile a CTF after it's extracted you need to use CTF Manager or CTF Tool
    I prefer CTF Tool
    both will extract & compile CTF's

    if you need to know how to make a ptf for the ctf read this

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