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Thread: Quick Smileys

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    Default Quick Smileys

    Okay as some of you might know I made this script ( ) for smileys over over the quick reply box just like in the old days with PunBB but that also got me thinking. Wouldn't it be better if some admin implemented this into the actually forum code, sure my script works but in 2-3weeks no one will visit that thread laying way back in chat sections and only those who installed the script when the thread were new will have the script and it wouldn't require people to have a browser/extension which supports user/greasemonkey scripts and user wouldn't need to install anything.

    So my suggestion is to put custom smileys into the actual site. I've never used or written anything for vBulletin but I would be glad to help writing it if you wanted otherwise it should be to just insert into the page what my script inserts to the page

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function insertText(text) {
    <div id="customsmileys" class="vBulletin_editor">
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':mrgreen:\');"><img src="images/smilies/mrgreen.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':blush:\');"><img src="images/smilies/blush.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':sigh:\');"><img src="images/smilies/sigh.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':bucktooth:\');"><img src="images/smilies/bucktooth.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':(\');"><img src="images/smilies/sad.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':o\');"><img src="images/smilies/yikes.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':cool:\');"><img src="images/smilies/cool.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':rolleyes:\');"><img src="images/smilies/roll.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\';)\');"><img src="images/smilies/wink.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':\\\'(\');"><img src="images/smilies/cry.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':puke:\');"><img src="images/smilies/pukegreenku9.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':twothumbs:\');"><img src="images/smilies/twothumbs.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':evil:\');"><img src="images/smilies/evil.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':posessed:\');"><img src="images/smilies/posessed.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':twisted:\');"><img src="images/smilies/twisted.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':?\');"><img src="images/smilies/hmm.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':paranoid:\');"><img src="images/smilies/paranoid.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':P\');"><img src="images/smilies/tongue.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':idea:\');"><img src="images/smilies/idea.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':|\');"><img src="images/smilies/neutral.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':suprised:\');"><img src="images/smilies/surprise.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':lol:\');"><img src="images/smilies/lol.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':mrgreenthumbsup:\');"><img src="images/smilies/mrgreenthumbsup.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':)\');"><img src="images/smilies/smile.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':@\');"><img src="images/smilies/mad.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':D\');"><img src="images/smilies/big_smile.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':sleep:\');"><img src="images/smilies/sleep.png" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':lol2:\');"><img src="images/smilies/lol2.png" /></a>
    	<br />
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':eng:\');"><img src="" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':qtf2:\');"><img src="" /></a>
    	<a onclick="javascript:insertText(\':yeahthat:\');"><img src="images/smilies/yeahthat.png" /></a>

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    Sounds good to me.

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    hey, thats pretty cool! If i had a says so, id add the script to the site.
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