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  1. [Guide] Downgrading to Factory OFW 1.5 from 3.30 OE-A
  2. [Tutorial] I need to install CFW for PSP 3000 with 6.60 firmwarem
  3. HOW TO FIX: PSP 2000 Problem: Analog Stick Moving on Its Own
  4. [Tutorial] psp hacking thread COMPLETE!
  5. [Guide] hacking my psp 1003 6.0
  6. [Tutorial] PSP Mic MOD
  7. [Tutorial] Recovering from a Semi Brick 6.20 PRO CFW
  8. [Video Tutorial] Downgrade 6.60 to 6.39/6.35/6.20
  9. [Guide] How to install RemoteJoy with CFW 6.xx [Idiotproof!] And play PSP on your PC monitor!
  10. [Tutorial] Ultimate Guide to Install 6.XX PRO CFW for all PSP models
  11. [Tutorial] How to install 6.XX PRO Series (lite & permanent)
  12. [Tutorial] How to remove the "Extras" tab in XMB
  13. [Video Tutorial] Installing CFW on all PSPs
  14. [Tutorial] Installing 6.20 PRO-B-5 Permanent
  15. [Tutorial] Possible help for PHAT PSP1001 chickHEN Eggsploi.tiff
  16. [Tutorial] Easy tutorial on how to get NitePR working fully on Custyom Firmware (HEN) 6.39
  17. [Tutorial] Fixing a semi-bricked psp-3000
  18. [Video Tutorial] 6.20/6.35/6.39 PERMANENT PRO-B7 Nightly (Link included)
  19. [Video Tutorial] Installing both 6.39 me-4 and 6.39 pro-b6 on psp ofw 6.39
  20. [Tutorial] How to have BOTH 6.39 ME v3 + PRO B6 running
  21. [Tutorial] INSTALLING CFW 6.39 ME-2 ON OFW 6.39 (KXploit)
  22. [Tutorial] 1.5 to 6.39ME2 on a PSP1000
  23. [Video Tutorial] Installing CFW on OFW 6.39/6.38/6.35/6.31 without pandora
  24. [Video Tutorial] Downgrading 6.38 and 6.39 to 6.20 or 6.35 ALL PSP MODELS
  25. [Tutorial] Downgrading from Firmware 6.3X to Firmware 6.20
  26. [Tutorial] Updating to 6.38 ME-3
  27. [Video Tutorial] Downgrading PSP 1000 and NON-088v3 2000 6.20/6.31/6.35 to 5.00 m33-6 in Ten Minutes
  28. [Tutorial] PSP Users: How To Get BACK on The PSN
  29. [Video Tutorial] How to play isos on a psp with no cfw! NO HACKING NEEDED!
  30. [Tutorial] How To Install MP3Player Plugin v1.7
  31. [Tutorial] PSPstates
  32. [Tutorial] 5.03 GEN/MHU/OFW to 6.20 Pro B-9 Permanent
  33. [Tutorial] Macrofire 3.2.5 Tutorial-How to install it and change buttons between "O" and "X"
  34. [Tutorial] How To Install 6.20/6.35 PRO B5 in 5.50 Prome-4
  35. [Tutorial] [Downgrading]6.30/6.31/6 .35 psp 1000/2000/3000 and go
  36. [Tutorial] How to sign your EBOOT's!
  37. [Video Tutorial] Downgrade from OFW 6.38 to 5.00 M33-4 CFW
  38. [Tutorial] Downgrading from 6.35/6.31 to 6.20
  39. [Tutorial] How to install LCFW on 5.03 easier
  40. [Tutorial] Downgrading from 6.20 to 5.03
  41. [Tutorial] Installing 6.20 PRO-B-5 Permanent
  42. [Tutorial] Ripping UMD's To Memory Stick Using UMDumper [6.20 TN & 6.35 PRO]
  43. [Tutorial] Ripping UMD's To Memory Stick [6.20 TN & 6.35 PRO]
  44. [Tutorial] How to use portals on your PSP
  45. [Tutorial] How to run ISO/CSO files straight from the XMB. This works with all games.
  46. [Video Tutorial]Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B3
  47. [Tutorial] Downgrade your Psp Go/Psp-3000 OFW 6.35/6.31 to OFW 6.20
  48. [Tutorial] Install 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch on every PSP
  49. [Tutorial] Downgrading 6.36 to 6.35
  50. PSP Go PRO-B2 CWCheat
  51. how to install 6.35 pro-b2
  52. Note to hardmod pandora users!! Also how to make a hardmod pandora!!
  53. [Video tutorial] install 6.35 PRO-B and play PS1 games
  54. [Guide] 5.03 kxploit V7 + 5.03 Prometheus Easy Install
  55. CWCheats easy install (All PSP, except go)
  56. [GUIDE]Installing 6.35/6.20 HEN(signed) in any PSP models-UPDATED!
  57. [Tutorial] Play Isos without CFW
  58. [Tutorial]Identifying PSP motherboard&module
  59. Downgrade or Hack Your PSP - 1K - 2K - [ 3K With 03G Module ]
  60. [Tutorial] Launching homebrew on 6.37 using HBL
  61. [Tutorial] Installing 6.35 PRO-B2
  62. [Guide] How to know if you have a fake Memory Stick
  63. psp-3001 09g noob's guide
  64. [Video Tutorial] 6.20 TN-C Easy Setup Tutorial - Iso Loader Included
  65. [Video Tutorial] Install 5.00 M33-6 or 5.50 GEN D3 WITHOUT pandora
  66. Backing up UMD to memory stick using ISO Tool
  67. [TUT]How to use ZeroRCO Patcher
  68. PSP Go 6.35PRO Working tutorial For TempAR!
  69. [Tutorial] Loading ISO's, CSO's straight from XMB on 6.20/6.31/6.35/6.36 HEN
  70. PSP 3001 6.35 HEN, TempAR, ISO Tool 1.960, and Prometheus So easy a caveman can do it
  71. 6.20 TN-C(signed) : Hacking and downgrading your PSP with total_noob's HEN
  72. PSP Guide For 6.20 TN-C Signed [No Need For HBL And Patapon]
  73. How to install 6.36/6.35/6.31 PRO (signed) + ISO loader
  74. [VIDEO TUTORIAL] Installing 6.31/6.35 HEN and using Prometheus ISO Loader
  75. [VideoTutorial]How to identify if your 3K is 03g or 04g.
  76. [How to] Launch HEN TN-B much faster! (PSP GO only!)
  77. 6.20 TN-B : Hacking and downgrading your PSP with total_noob's HEN!
  78. [Video Tutorial] The Downgrade your PSP Without Pandora Mega Thread
  79. Half-Byte Loader tutorial - run homebrew apps on your unhackable PSP!
  80. 6.20 TN-a hen psn and save state trick
  81. [VIDEO TUTORIAL] Installing 6.20TN-A and using Prometheus ISO Loader
  82. [Video Tutorial] How to Install 6.20 TN-D PERMANENT,6.35PRO-B & Load ISOs
  83. [Tutorial]6.20 TN-A (HEN) Easy Installer
  84. PSP Hacks Guide
  85. [Tutorial] Update LittleBigPlanet to 2.05
  86. Reflashing/Fixing your PSP with the Recovery Flasher
  87. Tutorial on updating LittleBigPlanet to v2.05 [cherrypie]
  88. How to customize homebrew eboots
  89. [Video] How to easily downgrade from 6.20 OFW to 5.00m33-6 CFW *Works up to 6.31*
  90. [Tutorial] Troubleshooting Pandora battery and MMS
  91. [Tutorial] Hack your PSP-the ultimate guide
  92. [Tutorial] How to setup 5.00 m33-6.Avoid common problems.
  93. [Tutorial] How to install Plug-Ins (w/ Youtube Tut.)
  94. Repairing a broken / dead PSP battery
  95. [VideoTutorial]How to switch between OFW and CFW
  96. Calibrate Your Analog Stick
  97. Installing HBL rev. 99 and patapon2 exlploit (PSP 1001)Phat
  98. Mini Projector for PSP
  99. How to use Slim colors on a phat PSP
  100. [Guide] Installing CFW on a PSP
  101. Hacks for the Unhackable PSPs
  102. Read This Before Posting In This Section!
  103. [Tutorial]How To Run 1.50 Homebrews From XMB On PSP Slim And GEN FWs
  104. [mini-Tutorial] Triggering ChickHEn in PSP 3000 - 90% probabilities
  105. [Tutorial] How to patch 6.20 games to work on 5.03 Gen, M33, and 5.50 Gen D3
  106. Making a Magic Memory Stick with Hellcat's Recovery Flasher
  107. [Video Tutorial] How to decrypt & patch 6.20 games using isotool
  108. Psp game categories v12 little tutorial
  109. How to upgrade from CFW to OFW
  110. PSP 4200mAh Battery
  111. How to install homebrew apps, games, and plugins
  112. Personalized credits screen
  113. Resident 2 Dual shock Edition confirmed working 5.50 Gen-D3 tutorial.
  114. Twitter application for the psp
  115. Tutorial on how to make cwcheat cheat database with notepad
  116. nims psp ebook reader -> no homebrew enabled psp required
  117. [Tutorial] Connecting a PSN account to 5.50GEN-D3
  118. [Guide] Troubleshooting your PSP with XGEN Pandora v5 and PSP Tool
  119. The New To PSP Hacking Thread
  120. Tips and Tricks to most easily install ChickHEN/MHUSPEED3
  121. How to use your PSP as a remote control
  122. [Tutorial] BenKs Tutorial For Making iRShell Skins
  123. [tutorial] seriously extend the PSP battery life
  124. How to play Commander Keen 4 on PSP
  125. [HowTo] Create non-"USB Mode" USB charger cable
  126. [Tutorial] How to Share your bought Games
  127. How to install Go!Tube v.1.1
  128. * Tutorial To Uninstall Temporary Custom Firmware On Ur Psp 3000, 2000(Unhackable) *
  129. Sony PSP Slim Motherboard Replacement Guide
  130. [Mini-Tutorial]Getting ChickHen To work 1st Try(Suspend Mode)
  131. [Tutorial] Having bugs with 5.50 GEN-D3?
  132. [Tutorial] The easiest way to patch 5.55/6.00/6.10/6.20 games to run on all firmwares
  133. Make your fake MS a MMS !!!
  134. Tips for triggering Chickhen on PSP PHAT
  135. [Tutorial] Installing irshell 5.00 on all custom firmwares
  136. [Tutorial] Speed up your MS while on 5.50 GEN!
  137. [VideoTutorial]How to load MHUSPEED V3 to homebrew enable your PSP
  138. How To Download PSN Demos, themes, apps, wallapers From 5.50 GEN or ANY CFW or OFW
  139. [VideoTutorial] How to create a 5.50 GEN-D MMS & flash your PSP
  140. [MINI TUTORIAL] Plugin Problem Solution
  141. [Tutorial/Forum] Sharing LittleBigPlanet Levels with CFW
  142. After installing CFW!
  143. Make your backup of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (USA) run on CFW
  144. [Video Tutorial] The ultimate guide to hacking & upgrading your hacked PSP
  145. 5.00 M33-6 to 5.50 GEN B-2 and back
  146. GAME DECRYPTER Tutorial
  147. The Ultimate Guide For PsP 3000 and PsP 2000
  148. Setting up 5.03 GEN-A on PSP-3000
  149. [Tutorial] Installing CWCheat for ChickHen + CFW Enabler 3.60
  150. [TUTORIAL] ChickHEN exploit keeps failing to work?
  151. installing PimpStreamer 1.0 on PSP-2001 w/5.00 m33-6
  152. Guide to Hardmodding a PSP Slim (2000 Series) Battery
  153. Noobs Guide to Installing Custom Firmware WITHOUT Pandora Battery!
  154. [TUTORIAL] Turn your PSP into a Wireless Gamepad
  155. Photofast users, read this! Found out how to disable magicgate on 5.50gen-a/b
  156. [(Video)Tutorial] Installing ScummVM + Monkey Island 1 on a PSP
  157. If your games are not showing after playing ISO/CSO
  158. [Tutorial] All you need to hack your psp the pandora way
  159. Cardrel's Xtreme Noobs Guide to Playing PsX on PsP!
  160. [GUIDE] Everything that YOU need to know about the PSP [TUTORIAL]
  161. psp slim battery mod with tips on opening
  162. Downgrade any psp to 3.80 m33-4. Very friendly!
  163. GUIDE: How to recover from strange flash0/1 problems.
  164. [Tutorial] Installing remotejoy lite
  165. [Tutorial] How to put Opera Mini on your PSP.
  166. [Tutorial] Converting PSX games for the PSP using Popstation 1.4
  167. [Tutorial] How to set up adhoc party for your PSP
  168. Installing Plugins to Flash 0 (With Pictures)
  169. [TUTORIAL] best Dual Nub / Analog Tuts
  170. The MMSX-8: Install 5.00 M33-4 the easy way...
  171. Don't Know What a pandora's battery is? No Problem
  172. How to hard mod a Pandora Battery...
  173. Install 4.01 M33-2 using the MMSX
  174. [How to] Tell if you have a TA88v3 (The unhackable PSP)
  175. [Tutorial] How to install Flarejune's FreeCheat EN
  176. [Tutorial] DC8 patch to load CFW 5.02 GEN-A
  177. Hex editing irshell to work on 5.02 GEN-A
  178. 5.02 GEN-A Firmware Guide
  179. How to play PS3 on PSP - DarkFire
  180. [GUIDE] 3.49 (and below) official firmware > 5.00 M33-4 custom FW plus emulator help
  181. still confused,......this is details on how to mod 5.0m33 with fatmsmod 3.71
  182. Gameboots, tutorial and help.
  183. [Guide] Usage of Ultrapandora Installer v4c
  184. [tutorial] How to Redirect PSP screen on PC monitor/display
  185. GUIDE: How to Custom Firmware PSP-1000's and PSP-2000's
  186. How to make perfect quality backgrounds for your PSP using Gimp.
  187. The real way to put any dvd on a psp with out any $$$$$$$$$$ & google/youtube
  188. how to replace your cracked psp screen with a brand new one
  190. Adding FatmsMod to 5.00 m33
  191. Mac2468's Wallpaper Tutorial
  192. The Hack Your PSP Mega-Thread
  193. [Hardware Mod] Customize your PSP Slim!
  194. Guide for DCv7 using RainMMSv1.0
  195. [Tutorial] Noob friendly way to upgrade to higher custom firmware
  196. HydroJohns Guide To Putting Demos On Your PSP
  197. Hellcat's CFW Recovery Flasher (1.50)
  198. Got a broken wifi switch?? Fix it easily!!
  199. [Tutorial] Convert Raw/.vgs/.mem/.gme PSX saves to PSP for PSX EBOOT
  200. How to Extract Split Archives
  201. Scorpus' Sony UMD/ISO/CSO Guide
  202. [HOW-TO] Installing FATMSMOD.PRX 3.71 (3.80 through 5.00)
  203. PSPStates Tutorial
  204. [Tutorial] Switchable Pandora PSP-Slim Battery (Hard-Mod)
  205. Make your Own CWCheat Codes
  206. 3.95 GEN Firmware Guide
  207. [Tutorial] Noobies guide for noobies to install M33 CFW
  208. [TUTORIAL]How to view the ending video of your UMD or listen....
  209. Click here if you need help with IRShell and CFW 3.90 M33-3
  210. Flash CFW To Any PSP Slim or Fat [PSP Grader v008]
  211. How to Spoof your mac address in xmb
  212. Tutorial:Using Pandoras GUI
  213. Convert DVD Movies To Ur PSP!!!
  214. TUT:Play Online Without a Router!!!
  215. [Tutorial] How to use Custom Firmware Extender.
  216. [TUT] How to play PSP on computer works for 3.52,3.71, and 3.90!!!
  217. How to make a dual-boot with Despertar Cementerio
  218. Installing and using Despertar del Cementerio
  219. Make a Pandora Magic Stick and JiKick Battery without cmd or anything.
  220. Using OverfiendX's U.P.M.S. Installer
  221. How to install/use psptube
  222. How to convert ISOs and PSX games using PrometeusPro 4 Dummies
  223. All about emulators
  224. [Guide] ~How to open up your PSP~
  225. Swapping Discs, Import/Export Saves, FAQS
  226. Ripping, Converting, Naming, and Playing PSX Games on PSP [TUTORIAL]
  227. Extract A PSX CD Which Contains Errors/Bad Sectors
  228. Hacking Your Xmb Icons
  229. PSX Disc Backup + Converter Tutorial
  230. free space on flash0
  231. Guide to PSPHost/USBHostfs/NetHostfs/IR Shell/DevHook
  232. Change Icons And Background For Homebrews
  233. Dumping a UMD
  234. Shrink Your Iso
  235. Join/Split Files