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  1. CPU Heat Sensor problem
  2. PS3 Slim Discs not spinning
  3. Ps3 cechC Not Reading Discs :(
  4. share. my video. disassembly ps3, lens cleaning, change optic -ps3 slim 120gb
  5. Blown PSU Unit
  6. Ps3 disc read error blue light goes out wont eject
  7. phat ps3 problem
  8. odd problem... probably logic board
  9. Question about which is the best PS3 model to buy
  10. phat ps3 question
  11. External HDD
  12. new hdd
  13. PS3 Slim , fixing physical damage to mobo
  14. PS3 Slim disc smudge?
  15. 2 Terabyte WD My Book
  16. YLOD/Heat Gun temp advice pls
  17. External Drive Issue
  18. 2 lights on my PS3 controller
  19. New bluray
  20. new harddrive, appreciate help
  21. installing FW on hdd without formatting?
  22. Western Digital 2.5-inch 1TB HDD
  23. Rumour: New PS3 Model To Require HDMI For HD Output?
  24. Internal hdd max size?
  25. Hitachi Mobile Life Studio 250GB External HDD issues with PS3
  26. My fan mod
  27. PS2 Controller Converter to USB
  28. My second Ylod :(
  29. CECHC03 won't power up.
  30. Ps3 Disks not spinning...
  31. I need a lens replacement
  32. kem 400aaa help
  33. Disc won't inject automatically
  34. Help! no red standby light not YLOD wont turn on
  35. what better release
  36. Coaxial Digital Audio Out Mod
  37. 7th controller ill not hook up
  38. modify ps3 slim wifi antenna?
  39. ps3 blueray drive taking disc but not reading
  40. PS3 dualshock 3 problem on the analog stick.
  41. a CHALLENGE for only the best nerds.
  42. Replace Diode, not entire laser board. A few questions...
  43. Cannot Insert Disk.. Please Help
  44. changing ps3 mac address ?
  45. PS2 games on non-backward compatible PS3
  46. Can I upgrade my internal hdd and backup my trophies without sycning?
  47. PS3 Black Screen - No, the input reset trick didn't work
  48. Blu-ray issues
  49. Gamer Headphone help
  50. Losing power while PS3 is running
  51. PS3 shutsdown on startup
  52. friend wants an upgrade
  53. 40GB blueray drive compatible with an 80GB PS3
  54. It's Finally been done!!! Flash a new Blu-Ray Controller to new PS3!
  55. weird problem with my other ps3.
  56. Problem with external HDD
  57. ps3 to tv
  58. Probably a stupid question.
  59. What connector for dualshock battery?
  60. Detached spring in bluray drive
  61. upgrading blu ray drive from 400aaa to 410aca
  62. 2differentsBlurays, one works, one not
  63. Laser Problem
  64. PS3 Red Screen Of Death
  65. PS3 doesnt Work after 4th YLOD fix
  66. help! ylod ps3 phat 40g
  67. No BD, No game ?
  68. Heatink chip glue (not thermal compound)
  69. Loud fan on 40GB fat - a few things
  70. PS3 FAT flash rom
  71. ps3 + monitor
  72. Logitech Harmony adapter for PS3
  73. WD essential passport + ps3 :(
  74. ps3 to vga monitor
  75. NAND flashing quastions
  76. Get Bluray Working
  77. Get key from motherboard?
  78. HDD with data recoverable?
  79. 1tb Hdd Help
  80. Strengthen ps3 fan
  81. Help with Hard drive question
  82. Ps3 fan running fast but not hot help please
  83. How to unbrick your ps3, 3.55!
  84. PS3 not reading disks. need help!
  85. motherboard ribbon connector to blue ray drive - needs fix
  86. ylod question
  87. Disc wont spin
  88. Best Place to buy Replacement
  89. My Hdd Doesnt Work
  90. Ps3 Ylod Fixed Now No Video Or Sound?
  91. Replacing a bluray controller board without swapping the NAND?
  92. Whats wrong with my blu-ray
  93. sound problem..
  94. is there a way to Update PS3 Without Bluray drive Or BD Board
  95. ps3 wont boot after failed firmware 3.50
  96. Blu-Ray controller board/motherboard paring questions
  98. PC as virtual controller? Possible?
  99. Help !
  100. PS3 randomly shuts down.
  101. 40gb ps3 no red power light
  102. psjailbreak
  103. ps3 fat 80gb replace hdd with 500 gb problems firmware 3.41
  104. PS3 doesn't recognize any disk and blue light in front of ps3 goes off
  105. Playstation 3 PS3 YLOD fix FAIL what now ???
  106. PS3 doesn't recognize any disk, but makes ticking/knocking sound
  107. HDD on it's Last Leg ?
  108. Damaged power/eject FFT connector on motherboard
  109. Which hardware needs replacing?
  110. took apart ps3... now have split display
  111. Mainboard Fuse for BluRay Drive
  112. ps3 wont power on
  113. blue-ray drive not accepting discs?
  114. Is the XIM Still working?
  115. PS3 offline LAN gaming
  116. A way to combine ps3 joy with JB Stick
  117. Need Info on this problem please
  118. PS3 Jailbreak
  119. 3.5" internal HD upgrade woes (3.41 fat)
  120. Playing large Hi Def files
  121. PS3 Hard drive Upgrade Questions!
  122. PS3 New HD won't work
  123. hard drive upgrade question...
  124. Blu ray drive problems
  125. power and eject problem
  126. your opinion on the HDXT
  127. using 2 hdds on the same ps3, each at a time, is it possible?
  128. PS3 lens replacement
  129. backward compatible is coming back!!!!!!
  130. USB ASP ISP 51 AVR Programmer Download Adapter ATMEL
  131. Recovering info from old HDD
  132. BAD Laser or Spindle Motor???
  133. no bluray recognition...
  134. Audio Problem!!!
  135. Unusual Blue ray drive problem !!!
  136. hdmi -> dvi question... lol i know right
  137. My PS3 is Dying :(
  138. damaged port on motherboard help pls
  139. Garbled Text on PS3
  140. Free PS3
  141. Laser swapped, still a drive problem
  142. Will bad fan cause YLOD in CHECHA01 with current fw?
  143. Discs won't spin or load
  144. no video or sound help
  145. Ps3 Controllable Fan Speed (guide)
  146. PS3 Slim Only Loads Games While Playing PSN Titles
  147. PS3 Finally Broke Today
  148. PS3 dont post games
  149. Bought broken PS3 without Bluray drive and drive board
  150. Ps3 Repair questions
  151. Resistor screwed
  152. Drive Problem
  153. Can anyone figure this out. Video and Audio Probs Options
  154. 4pin power connector for blu-ray drive...voltages or pinouts please
  155. Cannot get PS3 motherboard to post. Black screen, please help.
  156. buy hack
  157. help me newbie thx
  158. What type of solder is used for the PS3?
  159. Controller will not work without the USB cable
  160. Broken BD-ROM
  161. No More Power Problems. Or buying PSU. 1st test
  162. motherboard schematics
  163. Play Station 3 Debbugging St@tion I Have One
  164. Ip Adress Blocked by sony
  165. ps3 fan voltage hack how do i do it???
  166. PS3 and controller communication protocol
  167. installing on/off/eject board ribbon
  168. PS3 is not recognizing disc
  169. YLOD when TOUCHING PS3! Flick the system! YLOD! BLINKING RED! CRAZY
  170. PS3 Power/Eject Ribbon Cable
  171. MKV Files on PS3
  172. YLoD...console works ok!!!
  173. my ps3 has issues
  174. ps3 plays dvds and blu-ray movies but not games?
  175. Backup of 40G HDD
  176. Ps3 Surgery!? Has anyone ever done it before?
  177. PS3 power problem
  178. Trying to connect Ps3 to computer monitor using DVI
  179. HDMI 1080p Output and Recovery Menu (going wrong)
  180. Ps3 jap to pal conversion
  181. PS3 Wifi Board
  182. Broken Blu-Ray
  183. Suggest me cables
  184. Ps3 with blown composite video out
  185. Seagate Momentus 7200.4
  186. PAL to NTSC power supply
  187. Salvaging Parts (Speficially BR Drive)
  188. Hacking the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
  189. ps3 ram size
  190. power\eject ribbon needed
  191. using ps3 usb
  192. Ethernet card
  193. PC and LAP TOPS
  194. JTAG: if exists, WHERE is it?
  195. Use ps3 card reader as a USB card reader on ur computer
  196. Nyko Intercooler
  197. Network access fo the PS#
  198. Do I need Realignment of my PS3 Blu Ray Drive? 40GB PS3
  199. Bluetooth connection problems
  200. Customizing your PS3 controller (no triggers)
  201. PS3 not recognizing discs on 2 different blu-ray drives
  202. Custom made PS3
  203. Will the PS3 from USA (120V) play in INDIA (220V) line directly?
  204. PS3 power supply Schematic & Diagram "ATX to PS3"
  205. (SSD) Solid State Drive with ps3
  206. Help Please With Blu Ray
  207. Fan runs during stand by??
  208. system not reading disc
  209. Freezing during start-up! before menu
  210. help about bluetooth headsets/headphons
  211. Help with a PS3 and LG TV Compatibilty Issue
  212. About the DH-401S drive
  213. PS3 Drive question
  214. HDD Change european 60gb
  215. System Wont power up!
  216. Where can I find the parts to mod a controller?
  217. video out a/v problem
  218. Help with 2.52 update and PS3 not reading any discs?
  219. About Hardware, Hypervisor, and OtherOS relationship
  220. PS ONE controller on PS3
  221. [Release] GBlaster's New Rapid Fire Mod, No Pre-Programmed Chips
  222. Street Fighter IV Arcade stick
  223. PS3 HDD problems.
  224. No display through HDMI
  225. [Pre-Release Video]GBlaster's New Rapid Fire, No Programmed Chips
  226. New Project - Wireless Arcade Controller
  227. dual shock 3 not charging
  228. Anybody had a hands on with a HRAP3?
  229. New PS3 HDD question
  230. Blu-ray Drive problem, Help!!
  231. Media Slot Cover Replacement
  232. USB modification to PS3
  233. red pixels while playing BD games/movies on ps3...?
  234. converting a stock 40gb PS3 hdd to use on PC
  235. card readers
  236. BD controler questions
  237. Broken Blue Ray Drive...
  238. Fix PS3 bad internet problems
  239. Can you have an 3.5" internal HDD in the PS3 ???
  240. 80gb ps3 to lose backwards compatibility
  241. Replacing 20gb PS3 Bluetooth board with 60gb WiFi board
  242. new hard drive
  243. Blu-Ray laser DVD laser
  244. measure power consumption of Cell broadband engine in PS3
  245. Gpu(graphic) problems(av,hdmi textures in games go crazy)
  246. broken AV output?
  247. Pixelated? Snowy? Help?
  248. 5.1 trouble on PS3
  249. Need confirmation
  250. Looking at getting a 7.1 Surround sound setup. Any good brands?