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  1. Why isn't Nintendo listening?
  2. Any YouTubers involved with Lets Play?
  3. Do you agree with Michael Pachter? Is the Wii U done!
  4. Nintendo did pretty well with Nintendo Direct didn't they?
  5. Another big dissapointment from Nintendo
  6. Big News from Nintendo about enforcing Copyright Issues on Youtube!
  7. You can add Insomniac Games to the list
  8. Another big developer says NO to the Wii U
  9. Nintendo must be getting concerned about the Wii U
  10. Iwata is the new CEO of Nintendo of America
  11. Nintendo Wii Duo Shot
  12. Wii U controller revealed
  13. Project Cafe [Wii 2] to be announced at June 7th E3 2011!
  14. Nintendo Wii