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  1. multiMAN v04.66.00 - 04.66.06
  2. ReActPSN v3.17 now released
  3. REBUG REX - COBRA v4.65.1 Released but with Some Controversy
  4. Flappy Birds Family v1.0 -- Now with Sound Support / Improved Graphics
  5. Official REBUG / COBRA 4.65 Coming Soon!?!?!?
  6. Swing Copters (PS3) from developer Sandroron
  7. PS3 ISO TOOLS v1.982B - by Rudi Rastelli
  8. Is your PS3 Model Downgradable for CFW installation? Check it out with SKUMODELS Tool by MERTONIXX
  9. Developer KW updates PSNpatch to version 4.65.09
  10. DARKNET 4.65 COBRA by Joonie
  11. HABIB v4.65 Standard & Cobra CFWs
  12. Swing Copter (PS3)- by Sandroron
  13. IRISMAN v3.25+ - All the latest changes from developer Aldostools
  14. REBUG-COBRA 4.53.1 REX & D-REX Editions (MOD by Joonie] v4
  15. Coming Soon PS4 - PS Vita Dynamic Themes
  16. PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool (V1.02) by bitsbubba
  17. TN-V10 by Total Noob has arrived with new features and options
  18. IRISMAN v3.24 - 4.65 Support Added
  19. DARKNET CEX 4.65 (By darkjiros)
  20. PS3 CFW coming to Super Slim 4k Consoles ?
  21. UMS Builder v1.8.0 by the Universial Media Server Team
  22. Optional PS3 System Update v4.65 is now LIVE
  23. Flappy Birds Family for the PS3
  24. TN-V9.7 eCFW from Total Noob
  25. webMAN MOD v1.30.21 - Mount Any Path or ISO on Startup
  26. GameSonic Manage v3.15 now available
  27. CobraODE Update v2.2 - 4.60 Bypass Tools / Region Patcher for PSX Games and more...
  28. RetroXMB Creator v1.6.5 (PS1 Updated)
  29. Cyanogenmod PSP-C - Alpha 2.1 by Joel16
  30. Developer Subjunk updates Universal Media Server to v4.0.3
  31. GameSonic v3.13 + Singstare Replacement by Orion
  32. Play 2048 on your PS3 with these Retro Ports
  33. ARCH 4.60 [RC1) - CEX by arachetous
  34. IRISMAN v3.18 -- Expanded Mamba Payload support for 4.21 + 4.55 DEX
  35. Showtime Media Center updated (v4.7.145) by Andreas Öman
  36. ROLL BOSS RUSH - An impressive PS1 Homebrew game by isufje.
  37. Aldostools PS3 Tool Collection updated to v2.7.27
  38. CobraODE Beta v2.2 - SuperSlim Support for 4.60 OFW
  39. Could 2048 be coming to the PS3?
  40. XMB Mod Manager (REBUG 4.53 COBRA Edition) by brunolee
  41. webMAN MOD v1.30.19 + 1.30.20 by developer Aldostools
  42. PS3 SFO Batch Category Patcher + XMB Modifier v1.0 -- 2 New Tools for XMB Modifacations on the PS3
  43. Unofficial REBUG Updater -- COBRA Edition released by developer bitsbubba
  44. REBUG REX 4.53: Cobra Edition (Leaked) + Improved version by Joonie
  45. Redemp adds 61 new games to his ICON1.PAM / DDS Manual Collection
  46. PS3 Get Symbols Developer Tool updated to v1.4.3 by Aldostools
  47. Mugging Service MOD for GTA IV by OhManMyBad
  48. webMAN MOD v1.30.18 by Matsumot0 & Aldostools.
  49. Latest Changes in Showtime Media Center for the PS3
  50. Universal Media Server (UMS) v4.0.0 - XBOX ONE / PS4 Support added via Web Interface
  51. PS3 FTP Client updated to version 3.2 by Aldostools
  52. CobraODE Team announces a new fix for 4.60 OFW (4k Consoles Only)
  53. IRISMAN 3.15 - NTFS Improvements + Various Other Additions by developer aldostools
  54. UNOFFICIAL -- COBRA - REBUG REX 4.46 v2 by tpryor
  55. PS3 NET Server GUI 1.3 updated by Aldostools
  56. GameSonic Manager v3.11
  57. FERROX 4.60: noBD Edition (v1.00)
  58. ScummVM v1.7.0 --- Five new games now Supported
  59. PS3 ISO TOOLS v1.98b - Fixed Crucial Bug
  60. PSNpatch v4.60.01 - Updated by developer KW with NEW 4.60 Spoofing
  61. webMAN MOD v1.30.14: Peeks And Pokes, Includes A Debugger
  62. Retro XMB Creator v1.6.5: Updates PSX Engine
  63. SCETool v0.3.2: Skips Sonys Empty Files
  64. PS4 Firmware 1.74: System Stability Fixes, But 1.8 Is Coming
  65. PS3 NET Server v1.2: Mount Network Folders On Cobra CFW
  66. GameSonic Manager v3.10: Included Sppofer And webMAN MOD
  67. IRISMAN 3.13: Maba Payload And File Manager Fixes
  68. OPL Manager V12: New Languages, Enhanced CFG Editor
  69. LXDE 14.03 And RC 7: A New PS3 Linux Distro
  70. Replace SingStar With GameSonic Manager Using Orions New PKG
  71. PSNpatch v4.55.06: Get Back Online With A New Spoof
  72. ZombieKillah Releases PKG Manager For 4.55 DEX
  73. US PSN: Get Two Games For The Price Of One This Week Only
  74. A Couple Small Tool Updates: Bruteforce Save Data v4.6.4 And Get CFW Symbols v1.4.1
  75. Eboot Hacker v2.0.0: New GUI, New Base Download
  76. CFW Setup V4: Spoof DEX 4.50/4.55 To 4.60
  77. GameSonic Manager v3.08: Updated Patches, Plugins, And Bug Fixes
  78. iOS 8 To Be Jailbroken On Day One
  79. No VHBL For US In The Near Future, But A Kernel Exploit Is Possible
  80. Dont Worry Xbox Gamers: Destinys Developers Swear They Dont Hate You
  81. Sony: PS4 Will Place Emphasis On Remasters And Multimedia Functionality
  82. FALCON PUNCH! Captain Falcon Joins Fire Emblem Trio In Super Smash Bros.
  83. SEN ENabler v5.5.1 - Fixes vsh.self for Cobra CFWs
  84. multiMAN 4.60 + webMAN v1.30 by developer deank
  85. ReActPSN v3.15 - Improved 4.60 Support / 4.55 DEX support and more added in this update
  86. Tekken 7 Debuts At EVO 2014: The Final Battle
  87. LEAK: Read The Entire Plot Of Metal Gear Solid V Here
  88. Hishamage Releases PKG Resigner For 4.60
  89. arachetous 4.60 Spoof v1.05: Supports REBUG Firmwares And Fixes Bugs
  90. PS Vita May See No More Triple-A Games In The West
  91. US PSN: Get Over Twenty Games For 99 Cents Till Monday
  92. Nibbler v1.1: An iOS And PSP Snake Adventure
  93. Nifty Lifty: Dont Get Caught By Guards, Collect Some Fruit
  94. PS3 Get CFW Symbols v1.4: Easy App Porting For Devs
  95. DaedalusX64 Beta R1909: A New N64 Emulator For Sony Portables
  96. Aldostools Mods webMAN for Full 4.60 CFW ISO Support
  97. IRISMAN v3.10: More Mamba Payloads, ODE Patches, And Bug Fixes
  98. GameSonic Manager v3.07: 4.60 Patches And More Mamba Payloads
  99. Habibs Updated Iris Manager Mod: Play ISOs With A Disc Inside
  100. Andrew House: Streaming, VR, And Wearables Are The Future Of PlayStation
  101. GDC: Devs Like PS4 And Migrate To Crowd Funding
  102. Acute Tweak Pairs Siri With Activator: Voice For More iPhone Functions
  103. PRXLoader v1.05 (Unofficial): Works On 4.60 CFW
  104. PS4 Being Outsold By The PS Vita and Wii U In Japan
  105. PSP Custom Firmware (L)ME 2.2: Fixes Bugs To Play More ISOs
  106. Start PRXLoader Automatically On Non-Cobra CFWs By Following These Steps
  107. Habibs Iris Manager Mod v2.93: Adds 4.60 Mamba Support
  108. IRISMAN v3.08: Nearly Universal Mamba With Button Swap
  109. GameSonic Manager v3.05: Adds Mamba Payloads And Background Images
  110. Rumor: Kinect 2.0 Hitting Windows On July 15th For $200
  111. WiiKey U Pictures Leak: A Statement From Its Developers
  112. Watch This: Custom Fonts and Mario Kart 8 Track Names On A Wii U
  113. Retro XMB Creator v1.6.5: Includes Connections To ROM Art Repo
  114. Three-Socks Trainer v1.0 For GTA V: Spawn Any Vehicle, Change Your Player Model
  115. PS3MFW Builder v1.0.0 (Build Now Comes With An Installer
  116. Nintendo Patent Hints At 3D, Smell-O-Vision, And Virtual Air
  117. Rumor: PlayStation Now Grants Free Access To PSN Content, Has "Deluxe" Rentals
  118. FERROX DB Firmware 4.60: More Like OFW Than Ever Before
  119. Load North Yankton Menu v1.0: Have Fun In The GTA V Prologue
  120. HABIB Patcher v1.00: Now patch your 4.60 dumps with this Tools from HABIB
  121. ReActPSN 3.14 - Now with 4.60 CFW CEX Support
  122. How To: Use DualShock 4 Wirelessly On PS3
  123. Space Invaders Extreme VHBL Is Here: Play Homebrew On Vita 3.15
  124. IRISMAN v3.06: Improves Retro ROM Scanning, Fixes BDEMU Crash
  125. GameSonic Manager 3.03: Fixes A Notorious BDEMU Crash
  126. Custom Gameboot Tool By Brunolee: Start Games Your Way
  127. Miyamoto: Nintendo Doesnt Know "What Cool Is"
  128. PSP Custom Firmware (L)ME 2.1 Is Here: Brings NoDRM To ME Custom Firmware
  129. Team Cobra Announces Their UDE Hardware For Wii U: Backups And Homebrew A Reality
  130. iOS 7.1.2 Is Still Jailbreakable With Pangu
  131. Pangu Jailbreak v1.1 Released: Adds OS X Support And An English Interface
  132. GameSonic Manager 3.00 Arrives: 4.60 CEX Support, 4.50 DEX Mamba
  133. SEN Enabler v5.5.0: Adds 4.60 CFW Compatibility
  134. Aldo Vargas Updates His Fan Control Utilities For 4.60 Firmware
  135. HABIB CEX 4.60 Custom Firmware Arrives! Grab The Latest Sony Base And Keep Your Backups!
  136. IRISMAN v3.04: 4.60 CEX Support, Mamba For 4.50 DEX, And Many Small Changes
  137. webMAN MOD v1.29.4 Is Here: Adds More 4.60 Spoofs And Controller Shortcuts
  138. Universal Media Server v3.6.4: Bug Fixes And Render Improvements Abound
  139. EU Vita Owners: Space Invaders Extreme Is A 3.15 VHBL Exploit
  140. Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00 by developer bitsbubba
  141. webMAN MOD v1.29.3u (4.60 Spoofed by Orion)
  142. Get back online with SEN Enabler v5.4.2 from Evilnat
  143. OPL+PS2RD Integration: Cheat Inside A Beta Backup Manager
  144. IRISMAN 3.03 by Aldostools adds PS3ITA 4.55 DEX Support
  145. GameSonic Manager v2.99.2 - 4.60 Spoof / PS3ITA 4.55 DEX Support
  146. [CFW-DEX] PS3ITA 4.55 v1.0 (NON COBRA Edition)
  147. webMAN + IRISMAN - w/ added 4.60 Version Spoofer
  148. Editorial: E3 2014s Worst Moments
  149. FlappyBird PS3 Edition 0.3 BETA by Sandroron
  150. 4.60 Spoof by arachetous for 4.55 Standard CEX CFW
  151. PS3 4.60 and PS4 1.72 Firmwares Released: Stability Increased, ODEs Blocked
  152. ARCH noBD 4.55 CFW {CEX} by arachetous
  153. PS3 Covers Uploader 1.02 + Cover Pack 3.0
  154. Uniiversal Media Server updated to version 3.6.3 with new improvements.
  155. App Attack: Constant Dock Access, Advanced Volume HUD, And Customizable Lockscreens
  156. Working iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Released By Pangu: Device Requirements Inside
  157. IRISMAN (v3.02) - New XMB type GUI added
  158. One DashHackers Opinion: The Wii U Hack Is A Waste, Dont Use REX Cobra Yet, New PSP Firmwares Are Awesome
  159. Unity On Vita Allows For Easy Mobile Porting
  160. PS3 webMAN Portal - New shortcuts added for PS3 Net Server
  161. Flappy Bird PS3 [BETA] by Sandroron
  162. 3K3Y Brings Their 4.55 Swap Disc To Public Beta: Try It Here
  163. Rahim-US Updates His (L)ME PSP Custom Firmwares: Adds Inferno Driver
  164. GTA IV -- Game Mod: Advanced Heli Rounds (AHR) by Colt
  165. Cobra CFW Tools v2.00 - Adds REBUG/COBRA Support
  166. Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v2.01 --- Cobra Edition
  167. REBUG/COBRA 4.46 REX (UNOFFICIAL) - noBD version Included.
  168. The Biggest Trends Of E3 2014: New Standards Of A Generation
  169. The Science Behind Xbox Ones 10% GPU Boost Without Kinect
  170. US PSN: "Only On PlayStation" Sale Starts Today
  171. TN-V9 Released: Brings Sound To PSone Eboots On Vita
  172. Jay-Jay Updates His Black On And CP On OPL Manager Themes
  173. GameSonic Manager v2.97: A Few Small Bug Fixes
  174. One DashHackers Opinion: Gamers Won E3, Vita Might Replace PSP, Copycats Hold This Scene Back
  175. Advanced Heli Rounds Mod For GTA IV Brings Huge Helicopter Explosions
  176. Partial Wii U Browser Exploit Leaks: A Loss For The Nintendo Scene
  177. Cobra ODE 2.1 Firmware Is Here: Stability Improvements, 4.55 Bypass Fixes, And An Updated Database
  178. RetroXMB Creator Bumped To v1.6.1: View Manuals In Windows
  179. XMB Manager+ 0.23.000 (mod): Install PKGs Remotely
  180. Habib CEX NoBD: Non-Cobra Habib Without A BluRay Drive
  181. PS3 Game List v3.2 by whorland.
  182. 3K3Y ODE Might Finally Get A 4K 4.55 Swap Disc
  183. Total_Noob Needs Testers For His Next TN-V: 1.65-1.67, 1.69, 2.05, 2.06
  184. GameSonic Manager v2.94 & 2.95 by Orion
  185. nevik Updates His OS X PS3 Tools Collection To V4
  186. Orion Joins The Plugin Manager Racket With PS3 Plugin Manager v1.00
  187. CyanogenMod PSP-C Alpha 1 Brings Basic Android Interface To PSP
  188. LuaPlayer Arrives On PS3 With A Port By 3141card
  189. Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation Patch For PSP
  190. Eboot Hacker Is Here: Adds Games, Fixes Some Others
  191. Sound Coming To Vita PSOne EBOOTs In TN-V9
  192. App Attack: Calendar Widgets, Free Games, And Colorful Folders
  193. ICYMI: Heres A Roundup Of Sonys E3 2014 Press Conference
  194. ICYMI: Heres A Roundup Of Microsofts E3 2014 Press Conference
  195. PSNpatch v4.55.02 : Adds new Re-designed Game Patcher .....
  196. Developer Sandroron Releases FlappyBird PSP v2.1
  197. Xump - The Final Run by the developers at retroguru.com
  198. Universal Media Server (aka UMS) has been updated to v4.0.0-a1: with a new web interface feature
  199. One DashHackers Opinion: Some PS3 Developments Are Useless, PSP Will Live On, A Kinect Spec Boost Kills Microsofts Vision
  200. GameSonic Manager v2.93: Adds RetroArch Installer, Shuffles Menu Items
  201. Showtime Test Build 4.7.43 Is Here: Adds Subscription Support And A Couple Updated Plugins
  202. qwikrazor87 Mods PSPConsole 1.7 To Work On 6.XX Firmware
  203. All Xbox Ones Without Kinect Attached Can Get A 10% GPU Boost
  204. Review: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Is Super Fast And User-Friendly
  205. PS4 Vita Bundle Leaked By Amazon France: European Prices Included
  206. primetime00 Releases CCheat v1.0: Another CCAPI Cheat App
  207. App Attack: Tinted iOS 7, Reddit Apps, And Free Infinity Blade
  208. PSP To Be Fully Discontinued By Years End
  209. PS4 1.71 Update Available: Fixes Vibration And Save Data Bugs
  210. 138Menu L4 Brings A Full File Explorer To VHBL
  211. ONElua v0R1: A New LUA SDK For Sony Portables
  212. The Big WWDC News Roundup: The Latest Fixes On The Way For OS X And iOS
  213. One DashHackers Opinion: Battlefield Hardline Looks Great, We Have Too Many Vita Exploits, Remote Play Cant Hack The PS4
  214. RetroArch v1.0.0.3 Coming Soon / PSP Port Progress update
  215. Application Controller PS3: Allow PS3 to control PC via PS3 controller
  216. Simple PS3Updater v1.6.6 by developer Quake
  217. PS3 Tools Collection v2.7.17 by Aldo Vargas
  218. Is Vita Remote Play A Secret Security Flaw In the PS4? This Game Genie Employee Thinks So!
  219. deci3dbg By oct0xor: A Great New Debugger For The Development Community
  220. REBUG 4.46 Patched for Consoles with Broken / Missing BluRay Drives & Borad.
  221. Wololo 3.15 Exploit Ninja Release Coming: Game Not In The US
  222. Heres Your Six Free PS Plus Titles For June 2014!
  223. A Small Update On therifboys Remote System Plugin: Source Code And Demo App
  224. Showtime 4.7.36 Test Build: Duktape Integration For Future Releases
  225. One DashHackers Opinion: Vita Needs ARK, CCAPI Cheating Is Cool, Quality PS3 Emulation Is Nearly Impossible
  226. E3 Leak Report: Battlefield Hardline Coming Soon To Current And Next-Gen Platforms
  227. MyStylist VHBL Available Now: Homebrew On PS Vita 3.15
  228. Wifi Bugs Fixed In Universal Media Server 3.6.2
  229. App Attack: Amazing DVD Rippers, iOS Chat Heads, And Informational Lock Screens
  230. Showtime v4.7.35 - Latest Test build from Andreas Öman
  231. Eboot Hacker v1.1.1.0 - Includes 15 new supported games in this update.
  232. SimpleSplitPS3 updated to version 1.1 by Dermy
  233. GameSonic Manager v2.92 released by Orion
  234. Another RPCS3 Update: Slow And Steady Progress On A PS3 Emulator For PC
  235. MyStylist Revealed As Vitas 3.15 Exploit Game: Japan Only
  236. Slightly Tweaked PS3 and PS4 Systems To Arrive Around E3?
  237. Cobra Box v1.05: Iris Language and Bug Fixes
  238. CCheater v1.0: A NEW CCAPI Cheat Tool
  239. Chek Out This Awesome RetroXMB Art And Manuals Collection From Redemp
  240. Gaming Shades Of Grey: How Do You Feel About Peripherals?
  241. OPL Manager Hits Version 11: A Few Bug Fixes, And Previous Versions We Missed
  242. GameSonic Manager v2.91: New Dev_Flash Utility, FTP Improvements, Game List Fixes And More
  243. App Attack: Enhanced Safari, Improved Settings Navigation, New Free Photo Filters
  244. Universal Media Server v3.6.1: A Few Bug Fixes And Updates For External Codecs
  245. One DashHackers Opinion: PRXLoader Is Still Relevant, PSP Video Streaming Is "Meh," Xbox Will Sell More Without Kinect
  246. Preorder Your Kinectless Xbox One From These Fine Retailers
  247. ARK eCFW 3.01 (And Lower) Test Builds Show Up On Wololo
  248. Showtime v4.6.4 STABLE by Andreas Öman
  249. Remote System: A PS3 Plugin for Developers
  250. Eboot Hacker v1.1.0.0 - Cheats for 23 Ps3 Games Added