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Thread: Wii Virtual Console- Is it hackable?

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    Default Wii Virtual Console- Is it hackable?

    OK I was thinking...

    If you save virtual console games to an SD card in theory you can back them up on your PC/ trade files with others ( :D )

    Now, is there any security protection that locks these games to your account or what?

    Currently I can't test this theory as I'm the only person I know who owns a wii and I've put it in the box to save until christmas :/

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    Eurasia keeps up with all this information right at the home page. There is nothing real good on the "Wii" yet. . .

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    They have opened the Wii wand, and dumped the EEPROM, nothing of real interest there.

    I heard that the Wii format is the same as the Game Cube, thus people calling it Game Cube II? It is said this one will be easier to mod than the GC was.

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    The Wii has been completely hacked. Check for details. They are claiming it plays all GC and Wii backups. You still need a serial cable connected to the units DVD drive to dump games to the PC.

    Wi-ic drivechip announced

    - WII/GC Backup play
    - Supports multi-disc games
    - GC Import play with swap
    - GC Homebrew play
    - GC Audiofix
    - Easy install
    - Quicksolder or
    - 5 wires
    - Gold-plated solder pads
    - Thin (0.3mm) PCB
    - Multi-Function LED indicator
    - POST (Power On Self Test)
    - Install Diagnostic and Status
    - Failsafe Update (recover after failed update)
    - Disc Channel (DVD)
    - Photo Channel (requires 1 extra wire)
    - SD Card (requires extra SD connector and 5 wires)
    - Non-volatile configuration storage
    - Optional wire for full chip disable
    - ESD (anti static) packaging
    - RoHS compliant (PbFree) "

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    Wii Key Announced (36.00)

    # Direct boot of wii backups
    # Direct boot of GC backups
    # Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    # Supports all currently available console/drive versions
    # Supports D2B chipsets
    # Sophisticated (true) update mechanism via DVD (future proof, expect cool features to come)
    # Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii games/backups on US and JAP consoles
    # Partial support for NTSC region Wii games/backups on PAL consoles
    # Boots different region GC games/backups (partially without swapping)
    # Supports multi-disc games for BOTH Wii and Gamecube
    # Supports DVD-R / true DVD+R and +RW support (no bitsetting required!)
    # Improved readsettings for recordable media
    # Built-in audio fix
    # Supports fullsize 4GB discs for gamecube homebrew
    # Stealth mode
    # 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration
    # Quicksolder interface - no wires required
    # Unique disc backup application via sdcard
    # Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller
    # Professional ESD packing
    # Recovery mode - Can recover from a bad flash

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    or this have a look

    a modchip you make your self

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