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    Default Warhammer.40k.Space.Marine.XGD3.READNFO.XBOX360-XB3



    In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, you play as Captain Titus of
    the Ultramarines, who is humanity's last hope for survival in a
    war-ridden future.

    Step into the armor of this superhuman hero and use a lethal
    combination of deadly weapons to stop the overwhelming savage
    Ork horde and the unholy forces of Chaos in order to save the
    vital Forge World. Become the ultimate defender of humanity as
    a mighty Space Marine. It's up to you and your battle-hardened
    squad of Space Marines to cut a bloody path through the horde
    and discover what they are after. Relic Entertainment will bring
    the epic Warhammer 40,000 universe to life in this dark and
    compelling action role-playing game.

    This ISO is a XGD3 iso that has been ripped using a private
    method. We wasnt given any info about the ripping app so I'm
    assuming it a private beta of a new app using c4eva's 0800 fw.

    At the moment until c4eva releases his LT+ v2.0 to public this
    ISO will only be useable on ODDE (Optical Disc Drive Emulator)
    like the X360Key for example. We have been told that its been
    tested and works well.


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    Shit, XGD3.

    You know what stupid people do for fun?click here!

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