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Thread: Guitar Hero 2 - DragonForce Competition

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    So I just copied all 4 of DragonForce's albums off my buddies Zune and I got this wicked idea. I am going to create a whole custom guitar hero 2 disc with nothing but DragonForce music with all the songs from all their albums, and all the difficulties done etc etc and hold a competition for it on here,, and another site I'm not allowed to mention since they post links to retail xbox 360 iso's

    Now when I'm done, I'm not sure what I will do. I know I'm not allowed to post a link to the iso itself, so if powerslave gives the ok I can just host the modded gh2 game files that have the DragonForce songs on someplace like megaupload in a rar file. If not, I can host just the song and chart files, and the software needed to put the songs into the game in a rar file on megaupload. ((DOn't worry the software is free, open source etc etc))

    Now there may be prizes involved as long as someone here can donate. A relatively cheap but highly valuable prize suggestion would be dual layer discs or something

    Now, I warn you not to play this disc on LIVE. Even though ABGX will see the stealth files as valid, putting custom songs in the game changes the game data crc and M$ will be able to easily detect it

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    sounds like a good idea

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