Hi guys im new on this site ive been out of the 360 scene for bit come back in .i have a problem burning dvd-L
i use ridisc purple dvd9's and i have found everytime i burn them with all dvd decrypter clone cd nero or even image burn and nero every disc fails b4 burning.:/

My drive is a NEC---optiarc AD-5170a
now i have burned off dvd5's cdr used this for the past year no problems untill i started burning 360 games this my first post here .i have also tryed updating my fw but it wont allow me too i have used several updating toold for my drive only all fail.
i know it cant be to do with my setup or it just wouldnt burn any discs so nothin to do with raid or anything like that. but the errors im getting is like no acsees to drive buggy sense area detected so after a full 2 hrs ripping my hair out i thought maybe its my drive so i burned off a movie np dvd5 so what is the problem guys .can anyone help me plz .is it the discs or hardware problem or windows xp :(