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Thread: Flashing my DVD drive...

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    From what I could tell, I either have a Samsung or a Toshiba DVD drive (picture comparison).

    I would like to flash my drive but I don't have a SATA compatible motherboard.

    1. Could I flash this drive with a USB SATA converter?
    2. Is there any flashing app available for any other OS other then Windows?
    3. Can I flash this drive and still play on XBL?

    I have a Macbook and a Windows Desktop with no SATA support available.

    Yes I did some snooping around under the TuTs forum are and found nothing about these questions. If you happen to find the information under there, please don't say "Oh you should have searched harder I found it here".

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    DO not know how you said you looked around, and did not find the answers to those questions, that's a lie.

    See the MAIN MENU forum.

    I am saying, "Oh you should have searched harder I found it here", because it is true.

    You can use Dos or Windows.
    It NEVER 100% SAFE for live use.
    Can use USB to SATA.

    However, you did NOT look lard enough, because it is ALL in the forums.

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