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Thread: Xbox 360-Hacks ghost town!

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    WOW what has happened here! this site is just like a ghost town now

    i'm guessing that all that about reading before posting remarks has finally paid off. now nobody wants to come here for help.

    Real shame that guys :(

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    Most people visit the HOME page, where Greg makes most his money from the ads.

    There is no NEW news on the Xbox360, except the Xell - JTAG hack, which is also at the HOME page.

    The PS3 site has also died down, people want REAL hacks for these consoles, and nothing is happening exept Piracy on the XB360, and the latest JTAG, which is console specific, and Kernel specific. Anyone who took the last August update has no hope again.

    The other information is on Halo ODST, the bans are a coming...

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