Redline99 released a new version his modified XeLL (XeLLous):

Features (compared to mainline Xell):
* New network stack, lwip 1.3.0
* Uses correct MAC address if proper config blocks are in place
* Sets DHCP "hostname" for easy identification in DHCP assignments
* Refactored/New ata/atapi/mmc drivers
* Updated sfcx driver with hardware detection
* Many misc text changes/cleanups
* Many misc code tweaks/fixes
* Many new http features
Download Full raw nand backup
Download Decrypted Key Vault (if available)
Download Fuses (and DVD Key if available) as a text file
Download RAW Key Vault (equivalent to nandpro -r switch)
Download RAW Config Blocks (equivalent to nandpro -r switch)
Prominent display of CPU and DVD keys
Ability to set dvd key from Key Vault to DVD Drive
(possible use: fix bad key flashes to the original drive)
* Advanced Nand Flashing
Uses "slot" technique from usb as introduced by Flash360
Write Flash partition from usb (up to 66 MB)
Write Flash partition from optical media
Write FULL raw nand (up to 528 MB) from optical media

Future ?? Who knows when, maybe never, feedback needed/wanted ??:
* Faster nand speeds, ie: I can triple download speeds from http
* More Flashing features/bad block handling
* More HTTP features/tools
* Sata HDD Driver
* Full CPU Speed
* File System driver layer fat/fatx/iso9960/etc ?
* Read some sort of XeLLous.ini file for parameters
Such as: Network config, Order of operations, etc...