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Thread: Shops To Check 2nd Hand Xbox360 with Halo3 DVD+R DL?

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    News from French Xbox website tells us the French retailer Micromania is now checking each Xbox360 with a Halo3 "DVD+R DL RW" (whatever that is lol) disc before buying it back from customers and putting it on the 2nd-hand market.
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    According to their source at Micromania this discs is coming from Microsoft itself (!?). This is a quick test to see if the DVD FW has been flashed with a custom firmware - and would avoid the 2nd-hand buyer to be banned at a later time not knowing his FW was flashed. Of course you can still flash your DVD FW back to stock FW before selling it ;) Wouldn't really detect already-banned consoles either, but I'll assume they do a different check for that.

    If other shops out there received a similar disc or got instructions from MS about how to detect flashed DVD FWs and banned consoles for 2nd-hand 360s, feel free to let me know ;) xantium /AT/ xbox-scene /DOT/ com ;)


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    Yeah, I read about this a while ago locally, but they started doing it on their own, some places. All they're doing is using a backup of Whatever, and if it boots, they refuse to take the console; though SOME of those shop owners employees would take it, then buy it immediately to take home.

    They can also check if it is BANNED or not, without booting any game, just by checking the console status, the (Z:code), but, it's easier to place the backup in, and if it boots, just refuse it outright.

    Walmart and other stores may also start doing this, but, the EXCHANGE places are the most commonly used places to trade these in. All they REALLY have to do is download an ISO, burn it to +R DL, and test on their own, which some employees DID, just so they could get a console to take home.

    Why +R DL RW? Didn't think an RW would work, but, why? SO they can erase it when the campaign is over.

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