Microsoft last week won a court case originating in 2004 that had inventors suing the Xbox maker for allegedly infringing on online multiplayer gaming-related patents, according to court documents obtained by Gamasutra.

In 2004, Peter A. Hochstein, Jeffrey Tenenbaum and patent rights holder Harold Milton Jr. filed suit against Microsoft and Sony, accusing the companies of infringing on the 1994 patent, "Apparatus and method for electrically connecting remotely located video games," which covers devices that facilitate remote multiplayer gaming.

The judge took issue with the patent's use of the term "electrical connection" -- Xbox Live does not use such a connection for communicating over the service, the court decided.

Sony settled with the plaintiffs out of court in April 2009, but Microsoft continued on with the case.

They pay off, but remove other O/S when the uprising for that is TEN fold this law suit.

M$ stands ground and wins... Stupid Sony...