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Thread: can someone make a do's and don'ts

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    a do's and don'ts list so we can minimize being banned from xbl.
    that would be really helpful don't you think? :cool:

    planning on buying a 360 this holidays.
    will i get banned if i update the dashboard with a flashed drive?
    what is the percentage that i will get ban from live?
    and what are the do's and don'ts so i can a low percentage of being banned?
    thnx tnx:D

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    Really? SO you did not even look at the Main Menu threads>

    There are no DOs and DON'Ts, you are NEVER SAFE!!!

    If there was a 100% way to NOT be banned, then there would be no need for the CONTINUAL release of updated DVD drive firmware, would there?

    Oh,and you might want to actually READ the site rules, since you had to AGREE to them to get access! No double posting! You can ask all that in one post, you don't need to make TWO, when you are basically asking and hinting around to the same thing anyway. The other one was DELETED, and ADDED to this thread.

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