the situation is the following:

before selling my old XBOXi copied gamer profile and game saves to an usb drive.
several months later i bought new XBOx slim

when i wanted to copy all data back to new XBOX and inserted my usb i saw that my profile was corrupted ,it did not work so i deleted it from my usb

all game saves were correct and i copied them back to new XBx successfully,

but the main thing is that before selling my old XBOX i extracted my profile to my pc via connectinf XBox HDD to pc suing sata
so now i have my profile on my pc

how can i put it back? when i copy it to usb (configured by XBOx) and connect it to XBOx, nothing is shown (it seems to be empty)

any advices how to copy? i can not connect XBOX 360 HDD again to pci because it is 4 gb version, it does not have HDD

please i do not want to lose my scores (i will lose them if i recover through live, as my previous XBOx was banned (after banning no scored will be credited if i recover it through XBOX 360 LIVE

thank you all in advance, i need to know how to copy profile to usb flash to make profile seen when i connect it to XBXO 360 usb port