So the switch on my HD AV cable isn't being recognized by my XBOX, as the system tells me it's set to TV when it's set to HDTV. I've confirmed the cable is good on another system, and it is correctly hooked up with the component cables to the back of my Sony WEGA 34" CRT HDTV (capable of 1080i throught the component inputs). I've verified 480p input on these inputs with my DVD player by noting the input display on the TV. The HDTV output resolution settings are available in XBOX Console Display menu, but at the same time it tells me my switch is set to TV (It's actually set to HDTV, of course). Any HD output I select (720p, 1080i) makes the screen flicker and then it changes the output for the trial 10 seconds to the CORRECT output. The TV display shows 1080i as the current input during the 10 second confirmation dialogue screen after I select 1080i on the XBOX menu, and it asks whether you want to keep the settings. It also tells me the cable switch is currently set to TV and I need to set the switch to HDTV. Whether I accept the settings or not, it flickers and goes back to 480i. So I know the hardware is capable and IS actually outputting in HD, it just can't seem to get past the "switch is set to TV" thing. Anyone got any ideas on how to proceed with making this work?