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Thread: What can I do with the xbox360?

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    I'm starting to get interested in the xbox now because I've seen you can add a bunch of things to make it more enjoyable and add some cool features. My cousin has one and it's great! but I really don't know what is it capable of doing it? I'm not the type to be playing Live or anything.
    I own a PS3 and the only thing I use it for is Online play. But I want a 360 to be playing offline games.:D

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    Depending on the dashboard that you get with the Xbox, you may be able to jtag it. With a JTAG'd box, you'll be able to play homebrew, boot third party dashboards and play games off an externally connected hard drive. However, the installation requires soldering so it may or may not work out for you.

    If you do not have a Xbox that could be JTAG, the only other option is to flash the iXtreme firmware to your DVD drive which will allow you to play burned games.

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