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Thread: AP 2.5 games booting without new patches

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    Default AP 2.5 games booting without new patches

    Despite c4e having got black ops to work on 13599 dash it seems that its possible to get ap 2.5 games to work on 13599 right now, without waiting for new firmware or new patch.

    Team xecuter have started a thread to track how successful people are. The key is to have a little patience and just wait it out for about a minute and the game will finally boot.

    As always, if it works for you, go online at your own risk.

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    LT+ v1.91 is on the way for the 13599 dashboard.

    LT+ 1.91 completed testing, to be released with new JF - AP2.6 defeated, no need to reburn current AP2.5 titles!/TeamJungle/sta...22284263964673

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